2 unrelated items that aren’t big enough to merit a whole post on their own

king-tutKing Tut is coming back to San Francisco! Oh man, I was 4 the last time he was in the Bay Area! I am totes going to take a day off from work to go to the de Young and check it out.

It’s funny, because Tutankhamun was a pretty unimportant pharaoh in the grand scheme of history (although his rule saw the restoration of the old religion after his father had outlawed it in favor of a sort of primitive monotheism; but that was more the work of the priests than Tut, who was only 9 when he ascended the throne). But his tomb is still the most intact ever found. Legend has it that when Howard Carter broke through the wall and thrust his torch in, and Lord Carnarvon asked him what he saw, Carter answered “Wonderful things”.

cncelledwonderflls_2I’m halfway through the last disc of Wonderfalls, and I really hope they pull it together by the end. I hate the overly-manufactured romantic melodrama that’s consumed the previous two episodes.

However, I do appreciate the latter episodes for featuring more Lee Pace. Very few actors could make me laugh with the line “Are you saying I make love like a black man?”, instead of making me throw things at the television. Plus Lee Pace + epic bedhead = ADORABLE.

Speaking of Lee Pace, I got all caught up in my True Blood marathon (not to mention my sleep deprivation) last Saturday and totally blanked on the very last ep of Pushing Daisies. Eek! I assume I can still watch it at ABC.com, but I think I’ll wait for the DVDs, which are coming out next week. I’m in no hurry, because once I watch it, that’s it! No more new eps, ever. I have a sad.

ETA: Watched the last 2 eps of Wonderfalls last night. Jaye & Eric 😀 You are forgiven, show.

retail therapy, lazy days, and wonderfalls

Last week I loaded a few things into my Amazon cart, so when I got my paycheck on Saturday (and how amazing that I did, because when I really need/want it is when it tends to be late) and put some $$$ on my reloadable Visa, all I had to do was sign in on my cellphone and proceed to checkout. I got a Holga (YAY!), the “new” Matthew Sweet album Sunshine Lies (actually it came out last fall and I kept forgetting to buy it), the first season of True Blood on DVD (I’ve only ever seen one episode so NO SPOILERS PLEASE), World Without End (Ken Follet’s sequal to The Pillars of the Earth), and Columbine by Dave Cullen (which is supposed to be really good and I can’t wait for paperback).

Sunday I was going to go to the drug store and do a few other things, then decided I was sick of running errands and hadn’t had a day where I did nothing in months, so it could wait. It wasn’t a truly lazy day — I did laundry, cleaned the kitchen, vaccumed, and cleaned Junebug’s cage. But I didn’t have anything to cook (I had some heat and serve lasagna and bagged Caesar salad from Trader Joe’s) and this week I have a cold bento. I also didn’t shave my legs or wash my hair. Awww yeah!

So I got all the boring crap out of the way by early afternoon, then settled in with a bottle of Pinot Grigio and the first disc of Wonderfalls. I hardly ever drink wine anymore, the tannins in red mess me up (dehydration, insomnia, pounding headache) and I don’t really like most whites. I tend to stick to beer or vodka drinks. But I do like PG and every once in a while I treat myself to some.

Everyone that ever raved about Wonderfalls and lamented its early demise: OMG YOU WERE SO RIGHT. I love Jaye; she’s one of the realest young female characters I’ve ever seen on television. She’ pretty, but normal pretty. She’s sometimes overly-acerbic and rude to people! She gets unapologetically drunk! Also, I covet her trailer. I would so not be ashamed to live in a trailer if it was that cute.

what i’ve been reading & watching lately: collapse, helvetica, pushing daisies

I thought finally replacing my telvision might slow me down, but 5 minutes after I hooked it up I was like “Oh yeah… teevee actually kind of sucks. Think I’ll read for a while.”


Collapse: How Societies Choose to Fail or Succeed, by Jared Diamond

I had a couple people tell me they didn’t think this was that great, or as good as Guns, Germs, and Steel. But I really enjoyed it, although the last chapter isn’t as interesting overall as the rest of the book. Diamond examines some failed societies, past and present (Rwanda, the Greenland Norse, Easter Island) and examines what led to their downfall. He believes all failed societies did/do so because of some very basic factors, including overpopulation and deforestation. Then he contrasts them with some socities that have succeeded (Japan, Iceland, the Greenland Inuit), even though they face/faced the same problems.

I never thought of overpopulation as a contributing factor to Rwanda’s 1994 genocide — Diamond doesn’t ignore the ethnic hatred between Hutu and Tutsi, but he likens it to the powder in the keg, while overpopulation was the match that set it off — but he makes a convincing case. The only other African nation as populous is neighboring Burundi, which also experienced violence at the same time. It also explains why, in the absence of Tutsi, Hutus slaughtered each other.

Incidentally, Jared Diamond was one of the commentators on last night’s Earth 2100, and a lot of the topics he was discussing were right out of this book. So if you watched it — and if you did, I hope you slept better than I did — and you found what he had to say interesting, you might want to think about picking up this book.

I was skeptical that a documentary about a typeface could be interesting, but it really was! I liked that it followed a sort of linear timeline, starting out with the post-WWII modernists who invented/popularized Helvetica; moving on to the PoMo hippies who hated it (“It was like my mom nagging me to clean my room!”) and shows the increasingly fragmented kinds of hand-drawn typefaces they liked to use; then ending with the designers of my own generation, who have gone back to Helvetica, but who use it in a more unorthodox, cheeky style than the original Modernists.

Full disclosure: I love Helvetica (especially the lowercase a and e), and use it for almost all my labeling. But for signs I tend to use Copperplate Gothic Bold, because it has a sort of 19th century one room schoolhouse feel to it. And I work in a school.


ABC decided to air the last 3 episodes of Pushing Daisies on Saturday nights, starting last Saturday. Watching it was like casual sex with an ex-boyfriend with whom you’d had a difficult break-up and were starting to move on from: pleasurable, but painful in a ripping-open-wounds-that-had-just-started-to-heal way.

Yes, I just compared Pushing Daisies to sex. My dorkiness knows no boundaries.

Coincidentally, I should be getting the first disc of Wonderfalls from Netflix today!

what i’ve been reading & watching lately: nope, still haven’t bought a new television edition

the_gunslingerThe Gunslinger by Stephen King

I vowed years ago never to start reading this until it was all published. King wrote the books so far apart, I was afraid he’d never finish it. Apparently I’m not alone in that; in the forward he describes getting a lot of DUDE WE THOUGHT YOU’D CROAK AND NEVER FINISH THE DARK TOWER!!! letters after getting hit by that van. I believe he even said at one point that he wasn’t sure how or if he would end it, and I didn’t want to invest time in something that petered out halfway through. It’s been wrapped up for a few years now, but I just got around to it.

King started writing this — or at least thinking about — while still in college. It contains a lot of the awful phrases and scenarios that pollute early King writing: People shitting their pants for no particular reason; fear described as making the skin on (male) character’s testicles crawl. (Seriously, what was his obsession with that terrible phrase? He used it at least once in every book from Salem’s Lot to The Tommyknockers.) But other than that, the prose is actually a lot cleaner than most of his early work, reminiscent of some of the best writing he did in the ’90s. Which does make me wonder how much it was re-worked for the revised edition.

I liked it enough to keep reading the series. I always like the work he set in alternate realities (and which, if you read carefully, all seem to be either the same place — The Talisman’s “Territories” — or at least parallel universes of each other). I like seeing yet another (I’m assuming) incarnation of Randall Flagg. And I’ve always been in interested in the fusion of the western with a seemingly disparate genre like fantasy.

This arrived from Netflix just a couple of weeks after I finished reading the book. Although Krakauer certainly isn’t shy about saying that he, personally, admires Chris McCandless, he still manages to be more or less neutral and leave the reader to make their own mind up about it. Screenwriter/director Sean Penn doesn’t do the same here, and he strains a little hard to turn McCandless into some kind of Christ-like figure. But the movie overall is saved from heavyhandedness by some incredible perfomances — Emile Hirsch, of course; but also Catherine Keener and Hal Holbrook were uh-mazing. The voiceovers get a little ponderous, but showing how Chris came to live the kind of life he did probably would have doubled the running time, so I can forgive it.


This isn’t from Netflix, I bought this, because I know I’ll want to watch it over and over again. I’ll be buying the 2nd season as soon as it’s available. I hope it includes the episodes that were filmed but that ABC never aired. I love this show, but watching the DVDs makes me want to go out in the street and punch the first person I see while yelling IT’S YOUR FAULT THIS WAS CANCELLED! YOU WERE TOO BUSY WATCHING DANCING WITH THE STARS TO WATCH THIS!!! Seriously, America: Your taste in television sucks.

Also, holy shit, how did I never notice how totally smoking hott Lee Pace was? I mean, I thought he was cute in a sort of mopey way, but umm:



So, Wonderfalls, Y/N? I thought the premise sounded stoopit when I heard about it back in the day. But really, is it any stupider than guy can bring dead things back to life with a touch, for no particular reason, except only for a minute or something else will die in its place, and he can never touch them again or they die forever, so he uses this to solve crimes, and he brings his childhood sweetheart back from the dead, and oh yeah also he bakes pies from dead fruit. Which he he brings back to life.