ooone more wedding photo for today


I know, I know, focal soften is mad cheesy, SHUT UP I THINK IT’S APPROPRIATE TO THE SUBJECT MATTER! Look, posed portraits is not really my thing, I’m more of a candid. These were taken mostly for convention’s sake.

I need to try to get rid of that patio light, it’s mad distracting. I don’t know why it was even on, it was still perfectly light. I didn’t even use my flash for the group photos.


in which i force you to look at boring wedding photos

I’ve been uploading and editing whenever I have a spare half hour all week, and I’m still only about 1/3 done. Actually a lot of these are just shots I took around the hotel. I bought myself a premium flickr account, so I have lots of nifty effects to play with. I also saved the original shots (with some small exposure, straightening, and cropping fixes), but let’s look at the funky ones.

This photo was just begging for some vignetting, obviously. I tried taking the same shot during the actual wedding (this was the rehearsal), but there were too many people in the way, I couldn’t see Jamie and Greg at all. Too bad, it would have been really pretty.


i always cry at weddings

So, my sister is now married. The wedding was in Palm Springs, which is filled with disgustingly rich white people and all their various toadies; but is also crazy beautiful. The B&B we stayed at (and where the creremony and reception were) is the most insanely photogenic place I’ve ever seen. It’s built like a little Moroccan village: instead of a huge building with a lot of rooms, each “room” is a seperate detached little house; with a bathroom, sitting room, and kitchen in addition to a bedroom.