outfit of the day: clearly, i am comfortable with this color scheme

ootd comfy color scheme

This is similar to other blue-lilac-grey outfits I’ve worn, but with a skirt and blouse instead of a dress. For some reason the colors are really wonky in this photo: the skirt looks black but is really charcoal; the blouse practically white but is really pale blue, and the tightss have more grey in them than they appear to in the photo.

The tights are from We Love Colors, $9. And please forgive the unsightly ankle bagging, an unfortunate occasional side effect of plus size hosiery. They have since been adjusted.

Everything else I already had.

outfit of the day: silvery pastels (cold weather version)

ootd silvery pastels cold weather version

This is another warmed up version of something I’ve already worn. The tights are from We Love Colors, but everything else I already had. A light blue, gray, or lilac shirt would have been ideal; but at the moment I only have about half a dozen long-sleeved shirts suitable for wearing under my dresses, so I just had to go with whatever wouldn’t clash. I’m hoping to at least double that eventually.

outfit of the day: october threw up all over me

ootd october barfThe only new components here are the tights and trouser socks. The shoes I bought a couple months ago, the pin is the owl pin I bought in Louisiana, and the skirt and shirts I’ve had for a couple of years.

The stockings are one of the pairs I bought from We Love Colors, $9. They ship their stuff priority mail, so even though they’re in Miami I got my order the day after I ordered it (it shipped the same day I ordered it), so that was cool.

I got no complaints so far. The fit is exactly right, they don’t fall or roll down, and the color is rich and dark. A lot of times colored tights will look great in the package, but when stretched over your legs become pallid and insipid. These are dark even over my thighs, where they’re stretched the tightest.

WLC also has $15 tights, in the same sizes and choice of colors, that have a higher Lycra spandex content, so they’re probably more durable. However, with handwashing and a little care, I don’t see why these couldn’t last at least a year.

fall colors paisley socksThe trouser socks are from Sock Dreams, $10. Usually I stick to the $7 socks, but I do love paisley. I was afraid they would slip down over the tights, but they seem to be holding up well. (Take into account a 2 block walk to the bus stop, another block from one stop to the connecting stop, a dash into and out of McDonald’s, and a walk up a flight of stairs.)

My first bus driver this morning was like “Okay, WHERE do you get your socks?!” I told her Sock Dreams, BABY. SD should put me on commission. I will accept payment in socks.