I fell down an Etsy rabbit hole of non-denominational prayer/meditation beads and this is the result

I couldn’t find any that I really liked, so I just made my own.

ocean meditation beads flash

I’ve got to stop photographing things on a semi-reflective surface.

Anyway, they’re ocean meditation beads. From the inside, the 3 main sections are freshwater pearls, imperial blue jasper, and abalone. The jasper was chosen mainly on the basis of color, but I figure it’s all symbolism anyway so it works. The tiny white spacer beads are mother-of-pearl, and the slightly larger blue spacer beads are also abalone. The 4 large spacer “beads” are actually a bunch of little seed pearls strung together to form a ball.

The large charm is a pewter labyrinth disc, which isn’t necessarily ocean-related but is a good all-purpose contemplative symbol. The smaller charm is a silver sea shell that’s also a locket, for storing a wish/prayer or a very small object. Next to the charms are some more spacer beads and freshwater pearls in a lighter color, just to kind of “taper” the ends.

I experimented with alternating the beads, but it looked tidier doing them in 3 different sections separated by the large spacer beads. There’s 9 in each section, because 3 is a mystical number, 9 is 3 3s, and there are 3 sections. It just seemed right.

Here’s a photo without the flash:

ocean meditation beads no flash

In somewhat related news, I just finished reading a book about New Orleans Voodoo, and apparently carrying a $2 bill around in your wallet is a Voodoo thing, it’s supposed to attract more money. (Voodoo traditionally being a religion of poor people, a lot of it has to do with money or finding work or just avoiding bad luck.) Anyway, it’s funny because Granny carried a $2 bill around with her for decades. She said it was so she always had $2 in case of emergency, but since $2 hasn’t been much use in any kind of emergency since Kennedy was assassinated, Mom and I figured it was some kind of good luck charm. Mom gave it to me when Granny died, and now it’s in my wallet. (The date on the bill is 1976! I was less than 2 when it was printed!)

dear mom: your governor really is that pants-shittingly crazy. love, me.

My mother thinks Bobby Jindal “converted” to Catholicism (and not just RC, but the XXXtreme!!1! kind of Catholicism that advocates home-brewed exorcisms) to get ahead in Louisiana politics. But I’m starting to think that he really is just that crazy:

Governor Bobby Jindal signs castration bill. Upon a second offense of a variety of sexual crimes, offenders will be chemically castrated. I’m pretty sure that’s unconstitutional, not to mention ineffective: Chemically castrated offenders will often resort to object rape, because rape isn’t about sex, it’s about power. (I’m too drugged up on antihistamines to link anything to that, but you can Google it if you doubt.)

Here’s the truly insane bit (heh), though:

This bill also provides that a court may instead order a physical castration instead of the chemical castration.

Who wants to bet Gov. Jindal has a secret room in the Governor’s Mansion filled with jars of severed testicles? That’s bad juju!