Forgotten in a desk drawer film roll #1

There’s another one too, they’ve been sitting there since last spring. This one looks to have been shot during one of my trips along LA-82/TX-82 for what ultimately proved to be a futile attempt to photograph the Sabine Pass Light.

Grand Cheniere, LA

Grand Chenier, LA

Creole, LA

Creole, LA

Mouton Cove, LA

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LA-82, Vermilion & Cameron Parish, Louisiana

I really enjoy the drive on LA-82, which runs from my hometown of Abbeville for almost 150 miles to the Texas border (where it becomes TX-82). It’s very rural once you leave Abbeville, the largest town it runs through after that is Cameron, which has a population of about 2,000. I see something new every time I drive it.

These are just some digital shots from last weekend, I shot some film but didn’t finish the rolls so they’re still in the cameras.

Fishing cabin near Grand Chenier

This old cabin outside of Grand Chenier is famous. Seriously, everyone who drives on LA-82 stops to take a photo of it. A couple of months ago someone made an Etsy treasury inspired by True Detective, they used one of my photos of another subject, but they also used a photo of this cabin taken by someone else.

Our Lady Star of the Sea Cemetery, Cameron

It’s funny because it’s a dead end sign in front of a cemetery. Eh? Eh? This is the cemetery of Our Lady Star of the Sea Catholic Church in Cameron. (Incidentally one of the ocean goddesses I keep on my altar and a very important one to people who reside in hurricane-prone areas.)

Creole, LA

Of course one of the main attractions for me in Cameron Parish is, unfortunately, hurricane damage. (That overturned schoolbus I photographed several times was along LA-82 in the parish, but that seems to have finally been hauled away, I didn’t see it during the Sabine Pass trips.) This was the outskirts of Creole.

Old house between Abbeville and Mouton Cove

This is between Perry and Mouton Cove, not far from Abbeville. Last year when I passed by you could barely see the house for all the stuff growing around it, but someone seems to have decided to cut it back. Which is probably why I just this time was confused by the fact that there’s a fireplace on the OUTSIDE of the house.

Holly Beach

This was on the outskirts of Holly Beach, “the Cajun Riviera”. You couldn’t pay me to vacation there, it’s basically an acre of trailers and shacks crammed together on the beach. It looks like a Central American barrio. Apparently it was even worse before the hurricanes, which wiped the place off the map.

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LA Highway 82

(Just digital shots, but I’m sending 2 rolls of medium format out today.)

Whenever I go somewhere to take photos, I always travel east. So on Saturday I threw my Diana and a couple of rolls of film in the car, and got on Highway 82, which runs west from Abbeville through Vermilion and Cameron Parishes. Like most rural “highways” in the south, it’s a rutted 2-lane road with crawfish ponds and cows on either side. Turns out, it’s a goldmine of abandoned houses, barns, fishing and hunting camps, and even vehicles. Cameron Parish, especially, was devastated by Rita and Ike. There were whole communities that were essentially just destroyed. It’s a very rural parish; it’s the largest in land but the lowest in population density. The whole thing has less than 7,000 people, just over half the population of Abbeville. I pulled over whenever I saw something I wanted to photograph, and just kept traveling west until I ran out of film. I got as far as Grand Chenier. (I might have gotten farther, but one of the rolls was Lomography, and apparently their 120 rolls are only 10 exposures, instead of the standard 12? SUPER LAME.)

PICT0424, originally uploaded by pinstripe_bindi.

This was a great area, on the other side of the road there were several abandoned barn-type buildings.

PICT0422, originally uploaded by pinstripe_bindi.

If I’d blinked I would have missed this almost buried house. A few more years and you won’t be able to see it from the road at all.

PICT0418, originally uploaded by pinstripe_bindi.

Seeing this made me briefly ponder what, exactly, is wrong with me that I would squeal with excitement upon seeing it. FUCKING COOL, A WRECKED SCHOOL BUS!

PICT0415, originally uploaded by pinstripe_bindi.

I’m not into Photochop, but I may play with this photo later. Give it some effects.

PICT0429, originally uploaded by pinstripe_bindi.


I think my next project is going to be locating Chenier au Tigre. My grandmother used to go there as a kid, and some of her cousins (and at least one of her sisters-in-law) were from there. But no one really seems to know where it is nowadays. A chenier is a high ridge with oak trees growing on it, but it sounds as if Chenier au Tigre was actually an island. I don’t even know which parish it’s in; Granny said it was near Henry, which would place it in Vermilion. But most of the cheniers are in Cameron, and Cameron was actually formed from pieces of Vermilion and Calcasieu Parishes. So it could be in either one.

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vermilion parish

It was like, stupidly beautiful this weekend. Temperatures just south of 80, not too humid, just a bit of breeze. I grabbed a bunch of cameras and struck out more or less at random; I wound up going west on LA-82 as far as just past Little Prairie, between Forked Island and Pecan Island. I went over the Intracoastal Waterway, the bridge seems insanely high and steep when you’re going over it, but man what a view. Too bad there’s nowhere to pull over and take a photo.

Pulling off a highway in Louisiana is a risky prospect even on flat land, as there’s usually about a foot of shoulder before the inevitable ditch. At times I was slanted so severely I had to fight my out of the driver’s seat, but I never had any trouble getting back onto the roadway. Must be the fresh treads on my new tires.

Next Saturday is my third Lomographers of Acadiana meet-up, and I actually have a couple of RSVPs for it, so I’m excited. This one is going to be in Iberville Parish, which is a little farther than I’ve previously roamed (it’s closer to the Baton Rouge area than Acadiana). But Bayou Goula boasts the world’s smallest chapel, how could I resist?!

These are just a few of the digital photos; I also shot half a roll of 35mm in my Holga 135BC and a few Holgaroids.


In today’s mail I got a check for 2 weeks, attached to a continued claim form for the first 2 weeks of March. In a seperate envelope was another claim form for the last 2 weeks, essentially catching me up and letting me know that the check isn’t a kiss-off; they are continuing my unemployment insurance claim. I’m still pissed as hell that they put me through that, but I have to admit it was favorably resolved a lot faster than I expected. Thanks to everyone who gave advice and encouragement, or just crossed their fingers and wished me luck. YOU GUYS ARE THE BESTEST
I still want to get a job ASAP, but I’m not like OMG I NEED A JOB RIGHT THIS MINUTE. I’m supposed to call a place on Monday to set up an interview, but don’t get overly excited, as it may turn out to be bullshit. It’s an insurance company, and I have a feeling they may have spammed everyone registered on this local job posting site to make cold calls. Umm, no thanks. That’s basically telemarketing. I tried that when I was a teenager, I lasted 2  days. I’d rather sell my own blood. But I have answered a lot of ads on Craigslist, and you know how they never identify the name of the company in them, so it’s possible they are looking for some kind of administrative support. I’m going to make them make the job title/description very clear before I agree to drive all the way to Lafayette. I mean, I’ll be nice about it, but I’m not going to waste my time or gas for a crap job I have no interest in.
So, that happened. Even without that, it’s been a pretty good couple of days. Yesterday I spent the afternoon sort of aimlessly driving around the parish with a couple of cameras on my front seat. I went to Henry and back, stopping a few times right on the highway to shoot out the window (“Pickled quail eggs sold here!”). Don’t let the word “highway” fool you, though. We’re talking rural, rutted, 2-lane roads with cows staring at you from both sides. And of course I only stopped when there was no one behind me. I also went to one of the old cemeteries; it’s on a road named after my great-grandfather, although I don’t know if any of my relatives are buried there. AFAIK, most of us are buried in Bancker and Erath.
I haven’t used my digital camera at all since I moved here. I’ve been using the Diana F+ and the Golden Half pretty exclusively. I sent the first completed roll — some of which I shot on the trip out here — off to Dwayne’s last week, I should be getting it back sometime next week. A few days after that I’ll get another 2 rolls (shot partially at Avery Island Jungle Gardens), and next week I should be ready to send 2 more. I expect I’ll slow down once I get a job and don’t have as much free time.
Today I went to Erath, a town of about 2,200 souls right next to Abbeville. I was wandering around downtown (such as it is) with my cameras when some guy hollered at me to “come ovah heah”. He said I looked lost and I said I just moved to the area but my mother’s family was from here, and long story short, he knows one of my cousins. Well, second cousin once removed. Whatever. He’s a state trooper, a lot of people know him. That’s not rare here, BTW, total strangers striking up a conversation and turning out to know your family.
Next week I’m going to go to Delcambre, which has a pretty large shrimp fleet. Also there’s a little Acadian Museum in Erath I’d like to see, but it wasn’t open today. I also have a couple of those miniature greenhouses to plant, 5 different kinds of peppers. Yesterday I did herbs, and Mom and I are going to try growing tomatoes and strawberries in those upside-down hanging pot things. Container gardening is as dirty as I like to get. Mostly I just hate all the bending and squatting you have to do with in-the-ground gardening.
So, life is pretty good right about now. Tonight I am treating the ‘rents to Hai Nam, which counts as a wild Saturday night in these parts.
Also, this:

Check out what the #1 city is.

Diana F+ in Louisiana

Yesterday I got back the 120 film I shot with my Diana F+ in Louisiana over Christmas. (Yes, I’m totally lazy about mail order development.) A lot of them were underexposed, but with very minimal editing on flickr (hitting the “auto-fix” button, pretty much), I’m quite pleased with what I got. (Although I think more than ever that getting the flash was a wise investment.) Most of them have great vignetting, too.

It was sunny both days I shot these, so I’m not sure what caused the underexposure. I think maybe the film was the wrong speed; I took a grab bag of 120 with me and kind of just stuffed it into the camera without paying attention. Umm, whoops!


let the photo entries begin!

Okay, let’s get the boring ones out of the way first. These are just some photos I took around the house and town.

BTW, although you won’t see any photos of my family members here, it’s not that I didn’t take any. It’s just that I took them all with the Instax, which takes excellent candids. I got some great ones, but since the only scanner I have access to isn’t color, I’ve no real good way to share them.