outfit of the day: blue & green garden

ootd blue and green garden

I accidentally cut off part of my head again, so fuck it, let’s just get rid of the whole thing. Y’all know what I look like by now. The pin is one I bought at Thrift Town a few weeks ago. Everything else I already had.

Sock Dreams sent me the wrong socks! I only bought a pair because they were offering a 30% discount, in honor of their new store location. I ordered Sparrows All Over, and they sent me Birds On a Wire. Grump. I’ll be calling later to see what I need to do.

hummingbird pinShapely Prose recently linked an interview with Paul Giamatti, who recently filmed a movie where people’s souls can be seen as physical objects. He was riffing on the subject and speculating what famous people’s souls would look like. Some of them were crazily… I don’t want to say “accurate”, because duh. But I found myself nodding in agreement. (Kim Jong-Il: “A box of crazy crabs”.)

So anwyay, there was an open thread asking readers what object they thought their souls would look like. And I decided mine would probably be a tacky and gaudy, slightly beat up, but still inexplicably awesome pin found in a thrift store. Probably shaped like some kind of animal — “starfish” was the first image that popped into my head.

blue tulip socks and blue shoesSee what I mean about how that shade of blue pops up over and over again?

outfit of the day: blue & black blossoms

ootd blue and black blossoms

Sorry about the cheesy pose. I took a second one where I had my head at a more normal angle, but it was blurry.

Blue and black was my favorite color combo when I was a tween (although we didn’t use that word back then). Then for a long time I hated it, I think because it screamed REAGAN ERA! to me. But recently I’ve started to enjoy them together again.

The socks are from Sock Dreams ($7), the shoes from Target ($14.99), and the tie from Daiso ($3). You can’t see it in the photo, but the tie has lighter blue polka dots. It’s actually the same deep blue as my shoes, but photographed kind of purple for some reason.