Kodak Ektar in the Smena 8M, various locations

Washington City Cemetery:

Washington City Cemetery

Old church in Washington, double exposure:

Old church, double exposure

Abandoned train depot in Lettsworth:

Lettsworth, LA

Abandoned building, East Louisiana State Hospital:

East Louisiana State Hospital

Same location:

East Louisiana State Hospital

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train graffiti

Braved the heat, humidity, and man-eating insects to go out shooting with the Kodak Duaflex and a roll of re-spooled Ektar. Saw some cool train graffiti in Erath:

The first one kinda reminds me of Daniel Clowes.

centerville train station

Another place I photographed last weekend was the train station. It’s going to be 100 years old next month, although it was closed for like half of those years, including for all of my childhood (but the depot building was always there). They only brought rail service back to Fremont the year after I graduated high school.

I also got a lot of photos of actual trains, but I took most of those with the SuperSampler. I hope they come out; trains are kind of a natural subject for that camera!