TtV photography

One of my Meetup pals is into TtV–“Through the Viewfinder”–photography, which is something I have been idly pondering for a while. A couple weeks ago I got a Pringles craving, so I made sure to save the can when I was done, and did a little experimentation yesterday afternoon in the yard.


TTV setup, originally uploaded by pinstripe_bindi.

First, a look at my elegant setup. Picture my digital camera taped to the other end. I am a class act. I have a few TLR cameras, but I like the viewfinder of my Kodak Duaflex (my first ever vintage camera) best. It’s simultaneously the most dusty and scratched up; and the most brilliant.

In my defense, the Pringles can is quite a common hack for TtV photography.


TTV tree trunk and plant, originally uploaded by pinstripe_bindi.

The resolution is pretty good, and all the dust and stuff shows up nicely, but I wasn’t prepared for how overexposed they came out. This is was edited with the exposure turned literally all the way down. I probably should have turned the contrast down, too.


TTV tree from the porch 2, originally uploaded by pinstripe_bindi.

It’s pretty much impossible to tell what I’ve photographed until I get it uploaded.


TTV 062611 13, originally uploaded by pinstripe_bindi.

I’m also losing some resolution because of how little an area the viewfinder actually takes up and how much it has to be cropped and enlarged.

Still, I had a lot of fun experimenting and will be trying more. In my research I don’t think I’ve heard people bitching about overexposure a lot, so there’s got to be some easy solution to it that I’m just not getting, probably because I don’t use a digital camera much these days! I’ll look into it.

relax, nerd

Okay, I had a bit of a hissy fit when I got into work this morning and found a mess. There’s always some kind of karmic retribution for daring to have something else going on your life other than your fucking job. Stupid Puritan work ethic! Why couldn’t America have been colonized by lazy Catholics?!

Anyway, I had a great time on the actual vacation. The first week there were a lot of people — my mother’s younger sister and brother, my sister — who came just for Granny’s birthday, so we mostly just visited and ate. Although the day before the party, Jamie and Rian and I went to an antique mall in Washington, Louisiana that’s in an old schoolhouse. And the following Saturday, Rian and I went back with the ‘rents. I bought several old pins both on both trips, and Mom gave me some, then Granny — who has entire shoeboxes crammed full of old jewelry — gave me some more. I like tripled my gaudy old pin collection on this trip.

I also scored some awesome old cameras: I picked up an old Kodak Duaflex on the 2nd trip to the antique mall. It may not work, but it was cheap and I decided to take a chance. It shoots 620, but you can modify 120 rolls to fit in it. Or I could use it for through the viewfinder shots. Then Phil gave me his old Zeiss Ikon Maximar 207/1, which he bought in Germany, when he was in the Army. It was an antique back then. He said I could have it a few years ago, but between all the hurricanes and the moving, it went missing until recently. It shoots plate film, although I’ve heard about rollbacks that can be hacked onto it. I have to do some research. But even if I can never use it, it’s cool just to have it.

It rained like a motherfucker at least part of each day for the first 10 days or so, complete with lightning; thunder close enough to rattle walls; and once, a double rainbow afterward. It was also humid as a sumo wrestler’s buttcrack, but I was expecting that. However, the last few days were sunny and almost not humid.

Other things we got to see: The Academy of the Sacred Heart, the inside of The Cathedral of St. John the Evangelist, Shadows-on-the-Teche, Laura Plantation, and Cypremort Point.

There was also a visit to The Rosary House (it cracks me up that they have a website), where I may or may not have gone crazy and purchased three rosaries. (I totally did.) They were half price! Rian also bought one, and for some reason this shocked our mother, even though he was the only kid of hers to actually be baptized into the RCC. My great-grandmother didn’t want him to wind up in the infant’s limbo and actually wrote a letter to my mother — in English, which couldn’t have been easy — expressing this, so Mom did it to placate her. But I think she’s always kind of regretted it. Too bad Momo died before the Vatican was like “Yeah, that was just some bullshit we made up to scare everyone. Sorry about that.”, then she needn’t have fretted.

We didn’t go to New Orleans this trip, because no one was insane enough to think treking around the city in near 100% humidity was a good idea. Maybe at Christmas.