further adventures in thrifting

van gogh tie and shoesI went back to Thrift Town this weekend. I can’t stay away from that place. I found 2 pretty good pairs of shoes, and a tie WITH VINCENT VAN GOGH’S “STARRY NIGHT” PRINTED ON IT, WHAT. God, I love the crazy ties you can only find at thrift stores.

I also got a couple of dresses. One is a gray-green shirt dress, but it’s made of that stretchy cotton they make t-shirts out of, and it’s a little too junky for work. But it was only $3.99 and it will be fine for weekends/Louisiana. The other one was a very nice sleeveless linen dress, it’s that undyed non-color that linen often is. It looks almost new (and was from Avenue originally — swanky!), and the armholes are big enough to accomodate a shirt underneath. So I think it will be good for work, while also making a nice sundress for the weekends.

dragonfly pinI also got this awesome dragonfly pin to add to my menagerie. Total price for everything: Just under $40.

outfit of the day, thrift town, and awesome postcards

ootd red & black catholic schoolgirlI hesitate to title this “Catholic schoolgirl”, because I don’t mean it in a skeevy way… but most people’s minds will go there. It’s just because of the socks and the rosary. And the hair, a little bit; but I just wore it that way because it’s going to be a warm day.

Anyway, the socks are from Sock Dreams (I have the same pattern in khaki, brown, and olive), and everything else I already owned. I bought the rosary on my most recent trip to Louisiana. The beads are shaped like hearts, which I found awesomely cheesy, like something a teenaged girl would own. Hence: Catholic schoolgirl. The center is the heart crowned with flame and circled with thorns, which is probably my single favorite Catholic imagery (and why I squealed like a little girl when I found those Hearts on Fire socks at Sock Dreams).

thrift town pinsI had planned to go to a thrift store and look for more gaudy pins this weekend. I was going to go to a store down Mission Blvd. in Hayward called Generations that I remembered as fairly awesome; but then realized it had been a few years and I should make sure it was still actually there first. Googling turned up some Yelp reviews, so it’s definately still around (although it’s been re-named Eco Thrift)… but they were all bad. Ultra shoddy merchandise, unorganized, dirty store, etc.

But a lot of the reviews favorably mentioned a thrift store called Thrift Town, which is in Fremont! It’s fairly hard to get to from my side of town — I had to take 3 buses, although they line up well, provided none of them are LATE.

But it’s totally, TOTALLY worth it. It’s like a thrift store you’d find in Berkeley or San Francisco. The merchandise is good quality, and they have all kinds of stuff — clothes, dishes, electrical items, linens, TONS of shoes and purses.

And it’s not in some dirty, dim warehouse that smells like mouse pee. It’s a nice air-conditioned building (I think it used to be a supermarket), and it’s organized like a department store: everything racked by size, seperated into men’s or women’s or housewares, etc. Seperate racks for blouses, skirts, jeans, etc.

It wasn’t as junky as a charity shop, which means the prices aren’t dirt cheap. It’s a business, so these pins were 4 whole dollars each! And I had one of those clamshell jewelry boxes when I was a kid, so when I came across it I just had to get it. It was only 49 cents. This one is pretty big, about the size of my palm.

I was on a budget, but I’m for sure going to go back when I have more money to spend. They even have plus sizes! Seems like fat people almost never donate/sell their clothes.

I ordered this postcard set of Mark Ryden’s Tree Show weeks ago, but it was backordered. Probably because BoingBoing mentioned it, so Amazon got a bunch of orders all at once. I’d pretty much forgotten about it, but came home from thrifting to find it on my doorstep. There are about half of them I want to keep, but the other half I’m willing to give away. So if you want a Mark Ryden postcard, email me your address at sarah [dot] kg [at] gmail [dot] com.