outfit of the day: blue & green garden

ootd blue and green garden

I accidentally cut off part of my head again, so fuck it, let’s just get rid of the whole thing. Y’all know what I look like by now. The pin is one I bought at Thrift Town a few weeks ago. Everything else I already had.

Sock Dreams sent me the wrong socks! I only bought a pair because they were offering a 30% discount, in honor of their new store location. I ordered Sparrows All Over, and they sent me Birds On a Wire. Grump. I’ll be calling later to see what I need to do.

hummingbird pinShapely Prose recently linked an interview with Paul Giamatti, who recently filmed a movie where people’s souls can be seen as physical objects. He was riffing on the subject and speculating what famous people’s souls would look like. Some of them were crazily… I don’t want to say “accurate”, because duh. But I found myself nodding in agreement. (Kim Jong-Il: “A box of crazy crabs”.)

So anwyay, there was an open thread asking readers what object they thought their souls would look like. And I decided mine would probably be a tacky and gaudy, slightly beat up, but still inexplicably awesome pin found in a thrift store. Probably shaped like some kind of animal — “starfish” was the first image that popped into my head.

blue tulip socks and blue shoesSee what I mean about how that shade of blue pops up over and over again?

outfit of the day: grey & black

ootd grey and black

Trying out a different location in my office to shoot from. It’s kind of creepy-looking, no?

Anyway, this is a skirt I usually only wear in fall/winter, because it’s wool. But except for a few hot weekends here and there, this summer has been downright chilly. The expected high today is only 72 degrees! So I figured, what the hell, might as we rotate ’em (I have the same skirt in off-white) in as long as the weather permits.

The socks are from Sock Dreams, $10. The pin I bought a couple weeks ago from Thrift Town. The shoes are from Target, $16.99. They were the last pair of the batch I bought last week and I just got them last night. The skirt and blouse I already owned. It’s hard to tell in the photo, but the skirts isn’t black, it’s a dark charcoal. I like the A-line silhouette a lot. It has pockets, too.

grey and black tights and shoesThe shoes kind of blended in with the carpet in my office, so I put my feet up on the desk to take this photo! Also, OMG, I just realized that these shoes are totally the shoe version of the hat Aretha Franklin wore to Obama’s innauguration. Now I love them even more.

dragonfly pin black shirtIs my hair really that red? Maybe it’s just the lighting from the flash. Also: I may need a stronger dandruff shampoo. At least if I’m going to wear a black shirt. *blush*

outfit of the day: starry night

ootd starry night

This is the Van Gogh tie I bought at Thrift Town for $1.99 a couple weeks ago. Everything else I already owned. The tie is pretty wacky, so I thought I’d tone everything else down — no headbands or patterned knee socks. Just my blue shoes, which are proving to have been well worth the $14.99 they cost me. I never realized how much blue I wore before (and most of it this particular deep shade), but they go with so many of my outifts!

starry night tieIt’s very clever how they printed it, so the moon appears in the knot. Or maybe that’s just dumb luck

outfit of the day: cherry blossoms

ootd cherry blossoms

The socks are from Sock Dreams, $7. The shoes are from Target, I bought them online and got them just last night, $16.99. The furoshiki is from Daiso, $1.50. And the pin is from Thrift Town, it was about $5. Wearing both the pin AND the furoshiki might be a bit overboard, but how could I resist?!

pink cherry blossom furoshiki

blue cherry blossom pin

cherry blossom socks

brown nailhead shoes

The socks really pull the outfit together, because they contain all the colors — blue, brown, and pink — of the individual accessories.

outfit of the day: grey & green

ootd grey and greenUgh, blurry! Sorry about that, I don’t have time to take another one.

The shoes are from Thrift Town, $3.99. The pin, ditto, I think it was $4 or $5. Everything else I already owned.

The deets:

grey and green shoes

green headband

green turtle pin

In other news, I think I might have to cut my hair. This is the longest amount of time it’s been this long, and it seems like every day, during the course of washing/conditioning/hairdrying/brushing a LOT of it comes out. Or maybe that’s normal? I dunno, I’ve always had short hair. Give me advice, my longhaired sisters! I don’t really WANT to cut it, I like being able to braid it or wear it up.

outfit of the day: linen flowers

ootd linen flowersThis is the dress I bought at Thrift Town, it was $5.99. Man, linen wrinkles if you so much as breathe hard on it. But it’s such a light, breathable fabric. The last foot or so is slit up both sides, and there’s a pocket on the left side. The neckerchief is a furoshiki from Daiso ($1.50), it’s black with biege, pink, and white flowers on it. The socks I already owned, they’re tabi socks from Ichiban Kan, and they also have pink flowers on them. The shoes are black ballet flats I bought a few weeks ago from Target. The white t-shirt under the dress I already owned.

This could do with a belt so it doesn’t look so sack-like… but sometimes I really like sacktacular dresses. They’re comfy.

further adventures in thrifting

van gogh tie and shoesI went back to Thrift Town this weekend. I can’t stay away from that place. I found 2 pretty good pairs of shoes, and a tie WITH VINCENT VAN GOGH’S “STARRY NIGHT” PRINTED ON IT, WHAT. God, I love the crazy ties you can only find at thrift stores.

I also got a couple of dresses. One is a gray-green shirt dress, but it’s made of that stretchy cotton they make t-shirts out of, and it’s a little too junky for work. But it was only $3.99 and it will be fine for weekends/Louisiana. The other one was a very nice sleeveless linen dress, it’s that undyed non-color that linen often is. It looks almost new (and was from Avenue originally — swanky!), and the armholes are big enough to accomodate a shirt underneath. So I think it will be good for work, while also making a nice sundress for the weekends.

dragonfly pinI also got this awesome dragonfly pin to add to my menagerie. Total price for everything: Just under $40.