outfit of the day: black, red & grey (cold weather version)

ootd black red grey cold weather version

I went to Target on Saturday and added a few long-sleeved shirts to my wardrobe. (And one purple shirt that turned out to be short-sleeved. Curses! My “I don’t try things on, I know my sizes” policy backfires on me occasionally. Oh well, it’s a nice color, I’ll find something to do with it.) I’ve worn this outfit before, here I’m just adding a shirt under the dress (and tights under the socks) for warmth. Everything else I already had, the pin is my black lizard.

purple suede button ballet flatsSpeaking of Target, I’ve had my eye on these shoes, waiting for them to go on sale, and it looks like this is my week: they went from $24.99 to $19.99.




mustard suede ballet flatscranberry ruffle flatsI also want these shoes, but I’m not going to pay full price for them. I just have to be patient, they’ll go on sale eventually.




brown wool sweater dressThis wool sweater dress I’ve had bookmarked for a few weeks is down to $37.99 from $49.99, but I bet it will go down more. However, if I wait too long they may run out of my size; plus it’s 100% wool so it’s probably not ever going to be as cheap as my cotton dresses. Unless I wait for final clearance, and then I’ll probably only have a couple weeks before it’s too warm to wear it. I have to ponder this.

outfit of the day: brown & green (cold weather version)

ootd brown green cold weather

Here is a cold weather version of an outfit I’ve already featured. Basically I just added a brown shirt under the dress, brown tights under the socks, and a scarf. Having something around my neck automatically raises my internal temperature 5-10 degrees. I’m not entirely sold on the socks-over-tights look, but it certainly is warmer.

A co-worker once told me she could never wear brown and green together, because it gave her Girl Scout flashbacks. Since I dropped out of Bluebirds and never made it that far, it doesn’t have the same unpleasant connotations for me. The only contact I’ve had with Girl Scouts in years are my annual rants about their shitty, overpriced cookies. (They suck!)

Nothing I’m wearing is new, this is a case of “shopping in your closet”.

brown green scarf with leaf pinTrying something new with today’s pin.

outfit of the day: scarf/shawl thing

ootd scarf shawl thing

I bought this way back at the beginning of summer, when of course it was too hot to wear it, and have been waiting for a chance to bust it out. Before I got to work I wore it more like a scarf, wrapped around my neck and shoulders. Then I adjusted it and pinned it (I had the pin on my dress before) when I got to work. I like the versatility of it. And it’s not just decorative, because this department is notorious for being freezing cold, even when it’s hot outside. Some of my co-workers even use space heaters in their offices.

paisley shawl flower globe pin

Everything but the scarf/shawl I already had. (Well, technically I already had that too, I just hadn’t worn it yet.) The pin is one I bought In Louisiana and I’ve worn it a couple times, but I don’t think I’ve posted a photo of it yet.

outfit of the day: october threw up all over me

ootd october barfThe only new components here are the tights and trouser socks. The shoes I bought a couple months ago, the pin is the owl pin I bought in Louisiana, and the skirt and shirts I’ve had for a couple of years.

The stockings are one of the pairs I bought from We Love Colors, $9. They ship their stuff priority mail, so even though they’re in Miami I got my order the day after I ordered it (it shipped the same day I ordered it), so that was cool.

I got no complaints so far. The fit is exactly right, they don’t fall or roll down, and the color is rich and dark. A lot of times colored tights will look great in the package, but when stretched over your legs become pallid and insipid. These are dark even over my thighs, where they’re stretched the tightest.

WLC also has $15 tights, in the same sizes and choice of colors, that have a higher Lycra spandex content, so they’re probably more durable. However, with handwashing and a little care, I don’t see why these couldn’t last at least a year.

fall colors paisley socksThe trouser socks are from Sock Dreams, $10. Usually I stick to the $7 socks, but I do love paisley. I was afraid they would slip down over the tights, but they seem to be holding up well. (Take into account a 2 block walk to the bus stop, another block from one stop to the connecting stop, a dash into and out of McDonald’s, and a walk up a flight of stairs.)

My first bus driver this morning was like “Okay, WHERE do you get your socks?!” I told her Sock Dreams, BABY. SD should put me on commission. I will accept payment in socks.

owl pin!

owl pinI’m wearing this outfit today, with a few subtle changes (and sandals instead of socks and shoes, because it’s supposed to be about 90). The most obvious of which is that I’m wearing this pin instead of a rosary. It’s one of the pins I bought at the Old Schoolhouse Antique Mall, and it’s probably my favorite pin acquired on the whole trip. It’s quite possibly my favorite of all the ones I own.

outfit of the day: lady murasaki*

ootd lady murasaki

This is one of my new dresses. It was on clearance for $25 at Old Navy. Score.

Pros: Awesome color, corduroy, 100% cotton.
Cons: No pockets or belt tie. Which means I will have to buy a belt (or a scarf that can double as one) so it won’t look quite so much like maternity wear.

The socks I bought a while ago at Sock Dreams. They either ordered or were sent these by accident; and rather go through the hassle of returning them, they decided to sell them off for $5. I went ahead and bought a pair, because purple and green is one of my favorite color combos and I figured even if I didn’t have an outfit to put them with now, I would eventually. $5 seemed like a good investment. The purples don’t match exactly, but it’s pretty damn close for clothes bought weeks apart from different retailers.

The butterfly pin is one I bought in Louisiana. It’s real hand-carved jade (albeit not terribly good jade) and seed pearls, and actually looks like an antique. There was a lady looking at it the first time I went; but I guess she didn’t wind up buying it, because it was still there on my second visit.

The shoes I already had and the jade juzu bracelet I’ve had for years.

*Murasaki is Japanese for purple. It was the name of the heroine in the world’s first novel, The Tale of Genji, and the court title of the book’s author. Purple and green was a very popular color combination in Heian Japan; particularly light green and dark purple, or vice versa.

jade butterfly pin

purple and green striped socks and brown shoes

boring outfit & bad news

ootd uninspired green

Well, they can’t all be insanely eye-catching.

green leaf pinThe only noteworthy part of this outfit is the pin, which is one of the pins I bought at the Old Schoolhouse Antique Mall in Louisiana. It’s one of the prettiest ones I own; also, usually old pins have at least one tiny stone missing, but this one is entirely intact.

Bonnie came home from her work trip last night and I asked her about assuming the lease on the farmhouse. Turns out, it’s actually being foreclosed on. Which is why the “owners” broke off negotiations: It’s no longer theirs to sell (or rent). So moving is pretty much an inevitability now. Remind me to avoid any Craigslist ads that use the phrase “light cooking”. *deep shudder of loathing*

Sadface. It’s really too bad, because not only do I love the house and location, Bonnie is the best housemate I ever had. We had just the right balance of friendliness and general getting alongness, while at the same time respecting each other’s space and leaving each other the fuck alone.

So: Pet death and eviction. When do I lose my job and/or get diagnosed with a brain tumor? *eyeroll*

outfit of the day: good heavens!

ootd good heavens

Ugh, what’s with the weird angle of my arm and hand? It looks like a chicken wing. Anyway, the socks are from Sock Dreams, the pin was a gift from my grandmother, and the shoes I already had.

I also have a ring on my left little finger that my mother gave me. She recently gave me some rings that my father had given her when they were dating. It’s just a simple braided silver & gold, and the gold’s probably like, 10k. They were just working kids. I left a couple of the rings in Louisiana because my fingers are a lot fatter then my mother’s were back then, and they’ll have to be sized on my next trip.

I thought I could get away with not irnong this dress (I hate ironing when it’s hot) if I hung it up as soon as I removed it from the dryer… I was wrong.

heavens pin

black and white star socks and gold shoes

outfit of the day: harlequin hummingbird

ootd harlequin hummingbird

The shoes and socks (Target and Sock Dreams, respectively) I bought several weeks ago, but I don’t think I’ve worn either yet. The pin came from Thrift Town, the juzu bracelet I’ve had for years.

patent leathetr shoes and harlequin socksThe shoes are patent leather; I have the same ones in silver. Tip: The best way to make patent leather sparkle? Windex. No lie, most of my shoes were patent leather in high school. I used Windex on my shoes way more often than I did the windows.

hummingbrid pin againThe pattern of the hummingbird’s wings kind of echos the diamonds in the socks. I dunno, it seemed as good a reason as any to wear this pin, as opposed to one of the 3 or 4 other pins that have green in them.

outfit of the day: silver dandelions

ootd silver dandelions

The hardest part of packing for Louisiana: narrowing down my accessories to just a few pins and pairs of socks, one scarf, and 3 pairs of shoes (and one sandals). However, my hair was no problem: I braided it most days, due to its tendency to frizz in the humidity.

Here’s a simple variation on the dandelions outfit. The pin is one my grandmother gave me, the shoes and socks I already had (both from Target). I’m not even sure the flower is a sunflower, but for this outfit let’s pretend it is. I like the way the shoes pick up the light gray band at the top of the socks.

dandelion socks and silver shoes

large silver flower pin

I found a couple of great dresses on sale at Old Navy. It’s annoying that they don’t carry the plus sizes in their store anymore, but I’m finding myself shopping for clothes more and more online these days anyway. It’s just easier when you don’t have a car. I’m definnitely getting this adorable corduroy dress in purple. And I actually came across this button front drawstring dress back when I was first looking for dresses and came thisclose to buying it in grey. But it wasn’t on clearance back then, and it’s a cotton-synthetic blend, and I didn’t want to spend the money on something that wasn’t comfortable. But it is mostly (60%) cotton; and anyway it’ll be getting cooler soon, and breathable fabric won’t be as important. And now it’s only $20, so I think I’ll get it in blue and grey, which is a lighter grey than the grey dress I already have.

I’m still not having any luck finding a brown dress!

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