outfit of the day + bonus yucky medical stuff

chambray shirt dress and cupcake socks

This is the other shirt dress I bought at Target. It’s identical to the black one, except for the color. Man, I ironed it after I washed it, but it looks really wrinkled in this photo.

The Uniform Project uses a lot of dickies and tank tops to change the look of her dress, but hers doesn’t have a collar. That would look pretty stupid with a collared dress, so I should try to find at least one scoop neck dress. For now I just have a tan tee shirt underneath. Plus my cupcake socks! My feet got cut off again, but the shoes are just my old brown mary janes.

An idea I had, besides thrifting, was to go to Daiso and a get a bunch of furoshiki. They’re only $1.50 each, and you can do a lot of different things with them: Head bands, neckerchiefs, etc.

You’ll forgive me leaving my sunglasses on, because when I woke up this morning, my left eyelid was all swollen up. It’s totally freaky; it was fine when I went to bed, and there’s no bruising or pus or even pain. My doctor is on vacation this week, so I called the 24 hour nurse hotline United Healthcare has. She thinks it’s a blocked tear duct (I guess you have them inside your eyelid, too) that’s causing a build up of fluid. She said warm compresses (a damp, hot washcloth) for 10-15 minutes several times a day should cause it to clear up within 48 hours, and it’s already starting to go down.

I came in to work because I can do that here, and I don’t see the point of staying home just because of a swollen eyelid. It doesn’t hurt, and it’s not contagious. Plus we have tomorrow off and I have a thousand and one things that NEED to be done today. (Did I mention my boss quit? Her last day was Tuesday, so we’re kind of understaffed at the mo’.) I’m just gonna keep my sunglasses on. The swelling is barely noticable now, but I feel weird without any eye make-up. I feel naked!

My other option was the ER, but that seems kind of douchey. “Excuse me, domestic abuse victims and people with shattered bones! BUT MY LEFT EYELID IS SLIGHTLY ASKEW!!!” Plus I’m reluctant to spend $50 just to be told what I’m 99% sure I already know: warm compresses, 10-15 minutes, several times a day. Cash or charge?

first attempt at a uniform project type outfit

black shirt dress with hearts on fire socks

Yeah, that’s my office. There’s no good place in the farmhouse to take self-photos!

I’ve been scouring every known plus size fashion store/website in the known universe, and not having any luck finding the kinds of dresses I want. I have 3 requirements: Solid colors in any shade of grey, brown, and green; knee-length skirt and short or 3/4 sleeves; and 100% cotton. I’ve found a hunded dresses that meet 2 of the requirements and none that meet all 3. This dress would be PERFECT… except Target only has it in the smaller plus sizes. AAARGH. If I find a white or off-white dress that meets all the requirements, I think I’ll get it and dye it brown or green.

hearts on fire socks and red shoesThe shoes are also from Target and the socks are from Sock Dreams. I’m not a shoe-loving gal, they’re usually the part of clothing that interests me the least and I tend to get by with just brown and black ballet flats or mary janes. But I’m trying to branch out a little more.

red chinese banglesI’ve had these red bangles forever. I’m pretty sure I bought them in Chinatown, back when I used to work in San Francisco. My office was just down the hill from the Grant St. gate and I used to go there on my lunch break.

socks from sock dreamsThese are the socks I bought from Sock Dreams last week. I HAVE CUPCAKE SOCKS, YOUR ARGUMENT IS IRRELEVANT.









ETA: I blogged this at Fatshionista, and I’m remembering now why I keep quitting that group (and re-joining it months later when I’ve forgotten why I quit): The narcissistic knobs saying they simply do not care for novelty knee socks, how droll. If you think they look bad on me for some reason, that’s relevant. Sticking your nose in the air because YOU don’t like what I’M wearing is not. Fuck you very much.

skunks & shopping

Pepe le pew

I fart in your general direction!

Bonnie and I got skunked on Thursday night! All the windows were open, and around 3:30 in the morning, a skunk let one rip. And it must have been right outside the house, like on the lawn or porch or driveway, because the smell was so strong it woke both of us up. We’re talking industrial strength. I’ve smelled skunks before, and it’s always been bad, but this was UN. REAL. It was like someone was pressing a thousand rancid garlic cloves DIRECTLY INTO MY SINUS CAVITIES. It was a smell so strong, it had physical presence. Like, it had mass. It was like being tear-gassed.

We closed the house up — because it just coming in through the windows in wave after wave of fetor — then drenched it in natural orange oil air freshener, which luckily I keep on hand. (I hate artificial air fresheners, and they don’t really work anyway.) In the morning we opened all the windows and doors and kept them open, trying to air out the final remnants of skunk stench. I keep getting faint whiffs in odd corners of the house, though.

Whatever animal it was tussling with that caused it to gas off, must have dropped dead from shock right on the spot, or at least been stricken blind. Sweet Zombie Jesus, I hope I NEVER have to smell anything that terrible again so long as I live.

So anyway, I’m at work again today, hopefully this will be the last Saturday I have to work for the rest of the year. I took yesterday off. The plan had been to take Monday off, so I’d have two days off in a row; but then I realized I’d have to work six days in a row, and that seemed marginally more horrible.

black button front dressI went to Tar-jay yesterday. The dress selection was pretty picked-over, but I did get this dress, one in black and one in denim. They should be pretty versatile, and in cold weather I can wear them over layers. They’re short enough that I could even wear them with pants. They’re 100% cotton too; I’m trying to wear fewer synthetics. It annoys me that so many plus-sized clothes are made of cheap polyester or rayon. Hello, fat people get hot easily! We like natural fabrics!

I got a few accessories, but I’m going to scour the thrift shops for more. If I’m going to buy a lot, thrifting makes more economic sense. I also got a couple pairs of ballet flats, one which turned out to be a mismatched pair (an 8 and an 8 1/2), so I have to go after work and exchange them.

Sheena Matheiken gets a lot of her variety from knee socks, which I think is really cute; but she also wears a lot of stuff I don’t, like hats. But a few years ago I went through a necktie phase, which was fun but for some reason didn’t last (but I still remember how to make a four in hand knot!), and that could be an easy way to really change the look of a dress (provided it has a collar). I just need at least one more — a brown one — and possibly a gray and/or green one. And then I should be set.

the uniform project

Via Jezebel comes this really interesting blog: The Uniform Project: 1 Dress, 365 Days. As an “exercise in sustainable fashion”, Sheena Matheiken has vowed to wear the same dress every day for a year. (And she started on May 1, so you don’t have too much catching up to do if you want to follow this from the beginning). She has 7 identical black dresses, one for each day of the week — obviously she couldn’t wear literally the same dress every day, it would fall apart long before the year was up.

The catch is that she can accessorize it any way she wants, but she says most of the accessories are gifts or thrift store finds. (She also seems obsessed with the site Sock Dreams, which I totally understand.) The dress itself was specially tailored, and can be worn with either side facing front, or even open (one side buttons up) over layers.

She’s soliciting donations which, at the end of the year, will be given to the Akansha Foundation, a grassroots non-profit that provides low-income children with educational funding (for books, uniforms, etc.).

I’m really glad that I found about this site this week, because I’m going shoping for clothes this weekend (I have to work on Saturday, I’ll probably go afterwards). I haven’t bought any warm-weather clothes in forever; everything I have is either long-sleeved or made of too thick a material or has to be worn with tights. And I’ve been wanting to have more of a mix & match wardrobe, I have too many skirts and blouses that only go with each other and nothing else. I love the idea of simple dresses that can be worn a hundred different ways. Target has a few such dresses on their website right now, I hope they’re in the stores.

black kimono dress

black shirred dress

black smock dress

The sleeveless one could even be worn with short-sleeved or 3/4-sleeved blouses underneath. They come in other colors too, so I’ll probably want to get at least one brown one. I really hate earth tones with black, or black and brown together, or certain colors with one or the other. (Black and yellow together gives me horrible junior high school gym outfit flashbacks: We were the “Thornton Thunderbolts”.)

I also really love these 2 dresses, which don’t really go with the whole idea… I just think they’re really cute. I don’t know if I have a big enough bust to pull off the blue dress, though.