Pink Slim Dress: LeBeau Plantation, Arabi, LA

(The Pink Slim Dress is the SuperHeadz knock-off of the Vivitar Ultra Wide & Slim; it has the camera’s exact body and 22mm lens, but not its annoying habit of an extremely easily broken film advance. It comes in a variety of colors.)

I take my color 35mm to… Walgreen’s. I know, I know. Their ignorance of photography actually works to the Lomographer’s advantage, because they don’t try to “correct” screwy film. They just develop it and slap it on a CD. But lately I’ve been having trouble with them. One roll came back with the colors all muddy, which almost certainly means they were using old chemicals. And 2 of them had weird spots, like water spots, all over the prints. They tried to tell me the film was damaged. 2 rolls seems doubtful, but they were from the same package, so… not impossible?

I decided the problem wasn’t so much with “Walgreen’s” as it was with “the Abbeville Walgreen’s”. This isn’t a very big town, and there isn’t a deep talent pool to draw from, which is probably why our local Chili’s can’t get a simple hamburger right. (Seriously, every 6 months there’s an “under new management” banner out front, every time my parents try it out, and every time they come home and are like “Yeah, no, it’s still terrible”.) I mean, the woman whose name tag says she is the “photography dept manager” once told me they couldn’t cross-process my slide film (which I had had done there like, 20 times at that point) because their machines couldn’t handle E-6 “size” film, only C-41. I patiently explained to her that E-6 and C-41 aren’t sizes, they’re chemical processes. The size of both films is 35mm.

So I took this roll (and the roll I shot in the Smena 8M) to the Walgreen’s in Lafayette. And even though this roll was from the same batch of film as the 2 that had spots on them, it’s spotless. So I think I’m going to take it there from now on.

487650-R1-24-1, originally uploaded by pinstripe_bindi.

487650-R1-18-7, originally uploaded by pinstripe_bindi.

487650-R1-19-6, originally uploaded by pinstripe_bindi.

487650-R1-15-10, originally uploaded by pinstripe_bindi.

487650-R1-13-12, originally uploaded by pinstripe_bindi.

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i don’t even know what a write-off is. but they do. and they’re the ones writing it off.

So this week was kind of a failure. I wanted to start looking for a job, but instead I spent it combing the state for the GPS system I wanted. Yesterday I was maniacally determined that the sun was not going to go down on another day without a GPS. I finally wound up paying $30 more for the model I wanted at Best Buy than Wal Mart charged for it, except Wal Mart doesn’t seem to plan on ever stocking it again. (David says everyone in the parish is blowing their tax checks this month, and the electronics department is gutted.)

And then I couldn’t get it to work. About 17 stress-induced heart attacks and several sessions on the Magellan support website later, and I began to suspect that the cigarette lighter — which of course you plug the GPS into — had a burnt out fuse. Quick trip to the auto store, presto change-o, and I was in business. It’s so awesome to solve your own problems. I AM SO SMART, S-M-R-T.

It’s a pretty cool unit. In addition to the standard punch in address/follow directions feature, it’s also loaded with the AAA book on everything local to southwest Louisiana: attractions, museums, even local festivals (we average about one every three days here, and most of them are food-related). And it’s got a huge business directory with all kinds of categories and sub-categories and sub-sub-categories.

I test drove it to Lafayette, around the city (that other Asian grocery store is no longer in business, it’s a bar now, sadface), and back home; and it never asked me to do something that didn’t make sense, like make a left turn into a crawfish pond or anything.

This the greatest automotive-related invention since the internal combustion engine, IMO. I have a nearly paralyzing fear of getting lost; I swear it’s one of the reasons I didn’t move for so long. I used to drive in strange places with written directions clutched in one ice-cold, white-knuckled fist and get hysterical if I couldn’t find the right cross street. And I always seemed to get hopelessly lost right as I was about to run out of gas, and desperately needed to pee. Well, this thing will look up the nearest gas station and direct you to it, so NEVAH AGAIN.

Before I went to Lafayette, I went into town to look for resumé paper. Abbeville’s sole office supplies shop was out, and won’t be getting more until they order. And when would that be? Oh, probably at the end of the month. I MOVED TO THE MIDDLE OF NOWHERE, Y’ALL.

So okay, this week was kind of a bust, but I’m back on track for next week.