the new ADD: facebook is turning us all into narcissists

narc dino

Oh, internet. Is there anything you can’t be blamed for?

Remember when everyone just thought the internet would turn us all into porn addicts? The next mass diagnosis of society via the armchair psychologists (read: community college drop-outs who watch a lot of reality television) of the world is primed to be Narcissistic Personality Disorder, or NPD. Slate has declared this “The cultural moment of the narcissist”. You’re just giving them exactly what they want, Slate!

Dr. Drew, the bellwether of Z-list celebrity antics and the deeply rooted pathologies that cause them, has a book coming out about it titled The Mirror Effect. If he really thinks people like Andy Dick are mentally ill (and not just obnoxious assholes, which has not yet made it into the Diagnostic & Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders), is it really ethical for him to rake in the buxx by exploiting them?

Dr. Drew also does not approve of the MyFaceTubes:

The celebrity doctor is not a fan of MySpace or Facebook either, because they allow people to seek attention by acting out like celebrities — posting provocative pictures and personal stories about irresponsible behavior.

“Without appropriate monitoring, these social networking platforms are subject to abuse by those who are most vulnerable to the endless feedback loop they create,” wrote Pinsky. “This is known as an urge/compulsion/reinforcement cycle, and it’s very similar to what happens to those who crave drugs or other addictive substances.”

“Appropriate monitoring” by who? Dr. Drew, Captain of the Ego Police??

And since everyone from Senator McCain (or at least his intern) to your mom is on Facebook by now, it sounds like “NPD!” is well on it’s way to becoming the new shorthand for “asshole” that you will soon hear tossed around at cocktail parties. “Sex addict”? Sooo last year! How quaint! Meanwhile, people who genuinely have this disorder will be mocked and belittled. It’s a good thing they’re, y’know, narcissists. They probably won’t care.