life without movies is not worth living

Related to this post, here are the DVDs I elected to keep with me in Louisiana, putting the others I own in storage:

  • The 4th and 5th seasons of Northern Exposure. I have the first 3, but these 2 are the peak of the show, IMO. Although I know people who claimed the character of Mike Monroe was the shark-jump moment, I don’t agree with that. He was only a single-season character; Joel going native was clearly the shark jump.
  • Both seasons of Pushing Daisies. Sigh.
  • All 3 seasons of Dexter; the 4th season will no doubt eventually join it.
  • Lawrence of Arabia, tied with
  • The Fall, for Favorite Movie Ever.
  • Firefly & Serenity. Gorram it.
  • Aeon Flux. The complete animated series (including the Liquid Television shorts), not the terrible movie that was sort of based on it.
  • The 1st season of Fringe; ditto for the 2nd when it comes out.
  • The 1st season of True Blood, ditto as above.
  • Twin Peaks, the Definitive Gold Box Edition. It came with extras and postcards and an ad for David Lynch’s coffee, which I am scared to drink.
  • All the Harry Potter movies to date, except the first 2, when Dan Rad was too young for even a pervert like me to leer at.
  • All the Hayao Miyazake films I own: My Neighbor Totoro, Kiki’s Delivery Service, Princess Mononoke, Spirited Away, and Howl’s Moving Castle. I haven’t even seen Ponyo, Y/N?
  • The most recent Star Trek movie. GEEK.

i would like to volunteer my services helping to re-build the vulcan race

pon farr hit it

Before this spring, I could have pretty much taken or left Zachary Quinto. I didn’t think he was ugly or anything, I just didn’t care much about him one way or the other. (When I watched Heroes, it was pretty much a tie between Mohinder and Nathan for Cutest Hero.) But I think the non-stop reblogging of ZQ/Star Trek picspam on tumblr has brainwashed me, because now I’m totally obsessed with Baby Spock. THANKS INTERNET, LIKE I WASN’T ENOUGH OF A DORK ALREADY.

I was on the way home from the movie on Sunday when the true meaning of Spock’s line about “re-building the Vulcan race” hit me and I started giggling like a crazy person. Luckily I was on the bus, and didn’t stand out. “Re-building the Vulcan race” = TIME TO GET FUCKIN’!

okay FINE, i’ll see the stupid star trek movie

Yeah, I know I said I didn’t give a shit, and I’ve been sort of aggressively not caring during the crazed nerdfrenzy that’s led up to the release. But everyone I know has seen it (many of them twice), and said it’s good. The only bad review I’ve read, Dan Hopper’s for Best Week Ever — essentially just a list of everything stupidly wrong with the movie (In the 23rd century, rebellious kids will be driving around in antique automobiles blasting Beastie Boys songs. Kind of like how angry kids in 2009 ride horses around blasting Bach concertos.) — actually kind of clinched my desire to see it.

And I have to admit: Zachary Quinto makes a pretty adorable Baby Spock.

Really? Only every 7 years?? *sigh*

Really? Only every 7 years?? *sigh*

Apparently, his fingers had to be glued together because he couldn’t make the “Live long, and prosper” gesture. I can’t either! My little finger always wanders off. I think it’s genetic, like how some people can’t curl their tongue. (I can do that, though.)

It took my brother (who recently started Netflixing the first season of Heroes — ssh! No one tell him how much it sucks now!!) to point this out, but Zachary Quinto looks eerily like the son of an old friend of our mother’s. He was an ADD-raddled spaz who used to throw cutlery in the garbage disposal, but Mom says he’s settled down nicely as an adult. And before you start pestering me for his phone number: He’s married. Sorry, ladies!

Also, this:

chris pine kirk finger guns


Speaking of cheesy movies, The Taking of Pelham One Two Three is finally off “very long wait” and should be arriving at my house today. Bring on the 1970’s NYC stereotypes!:

  • Apathetic Jewish mayor.
  • Jive-talking black dude.
  • Fat, lazy, mustachio’d cops.

Actually, that last one is still relevant.

I added it to my queue when I heard there was a re-make in the works, which I have no doubt is going to suck big sweaty ballz. For one thing, Ridley’s younger, more retarded, short attention span’d brother Tony is directing it. So expect lots of cars blowing up in slo-mo and action scenes that look like they were edited by coked-up monkeys. And I wouldn’t expect the original ending, which is one of the greatest, most understated and funny endings to any action movie, EVER.

For another, John Travolta is playing the villain. *incredulous laughter* The role that was played by Robert Shaw in the original. Robert Shaw > John Travolta, like it even needs to be said. Can you imagine Revolta giving the USS Indianapolis monologue from Jaws?

And the Walter Mathau part is being played by Denzel Washington. Look, I got nothing against Denzel. He’s a damn fine actor, and easy on the eyes to boot. But is there no more room in Hollywood for the goofy-looking lead? Other than people like Jack Black, who are allowed to play the lead in screwball comedies that require lots of mugging. But you’d never see someone like Mathau playing the lead in an action movie these days. That makes me sad.

the 29 most anticipated movies of 2009


via ONTD

Movies I am looking forward to:

  • Ponyo On The Cliff By The Sea. I was unaware Hayao Miyazaki had anything new coming out; I thought he was retired.
  • Coraline. Stop-motion animation is a dying art form. We should make people who do it Living National Treasures, like samurai swordsmen in Japan.
  • Sherlock Holmes. Does RDJ seem like an odd casting choice to play the famous detective? Maybe. Do I give a rat’s ass? I do not. I would pay $$$ to watch RDJ read the phone book.
  • Harry Potter & The Half-Blood Prince. Shut up. Dan Radz is legal now, I can think whatever I want.

Movies that have potential to not suck:

  • A Serious Man. It’s the Coen Brothers, so.
  • Terminator: Salvation. If nothing else, it’ll be good Christian Bale porn.
  • The Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus. Terry Gilliam is very hit-or-miss for me. And it’s Heath Ledger’s last role. Sadface.
  • The Fantastic Mr. Fox. Wes Anderson directing a stop-motion version of Roald Dahl’s classic.
  • The Road. Probably going to be technically good, but horrifically depressing.
  • Where The Wild Things Are. A good idea on paper; but I loathe Spike Jonze, and this movie has had more “production problems” than Bruce Lee’s last movie.

Movies I could not give a shit about if you paid me $1 million to see them:

  • Whatever Works. People are really still giving Woody Allen work?
  • X-Men Origins: Wolverine. Even the prospect of Liev Schrieber and Huge Jackman wearing fluffy muttonchops and duking it out doesn’t make me want to see this.
  • Funny People. Adam Sandler? NOT. INTERESTED.
  • Star Trek. Look, I know it’s JJ Abrams and fuckin’ Sylar is playing Spock and blah blah blah nerdcakes. I don’t care.

Is it just me, or is Matt Damon in nearly all of these? It’s like Jude Law in 2004, except you don’t think “Ewww, he fucked Sienna Miller” when you look at him.