outfit of the day: good heavens!

ootd good heavens

Ugh, what’s with the weird angle of my arm and hand? It looks like a chicken wing. Anyway, the socks are from Sock Dreams, the pin was a gift from my grandmother, and the shoes I already had.

I also have a ring on my left little finger that my mother gave me. She recently gave me some rings that my father had given her when they were dating. It’s just a simple braided silver & gold, and the gold’s probably like, 10k. They were just working kids. I left a couple of the rings in Louisiana because my fingers are a lot fatter then my mother’s were back then, and they’ll have to be sized on my next trip.

I thought I could get away with not irnong this dress (I hate ironing when it’s hot) if I hung it up as soon as I removed it from the dryer… I was wrong.

heavens pin

black and white star socks and gold shoes