Who went to Krewe of Muses last night and got herself a shoe?

muses shoeMeeeee!

2013 was a pretty lean year for me so I didn’t have the funds for a hotel room–especially not during the last week of Carnival, when they all jack up their rates–so I wasn’t sure until the last minute if I would go. I decided to compromise by parking on a residential street near Jefferson and Magazine (you should have seen the amazing parallel park I pulled off on Camp, there was like a single inch between bumpers) and catching them at the start of the parade, before they join up with Babylon and Chaos. They were past by 9:30 and I got home shortly after midnight.

Actually, it wasn’t that much of a compromise, because I don’t really care for the other 2 krewes. Babylon at least has some interesting floats, but Chaos’ are usually lame (and occasionally they’re grotesquely sexist), and the krewe members are assholes–I’ve seen them  like, shrug at people asking for throws. What the hell?

I thought it would be nicer watching from a more residential area too, but actually I missed my usual spot, on Gravier a few blocks down from St. Charles. There were people on porches, in yards, on the sidewalks, on ladders, on the grass between the gutter and the sidewalk, and in the streets, so the throws were more spread out and they literally threw a lot of them. On Gravier, they just drop them over the sides of the floats and into your hands. (Also, residential area = lots of children, or, as I refer to them, “throw hogs”.)

So I didn’t get as much swag as I usually do, but I can’t complain because I GOT A SHOE! A lot of the large krewes have a rare signature throw (Zulu’s painted coconuts are the most famous) that is the most coveted, and for the Muses it’s women’s shoes that have been decorated with glitter, feathers, and beads. This was my 3rd parade and I’d never gotten one; they mostly give them to little girls, people they know, or people who’ve made some kind of effort like holding a sign or wearing a costume. I wasn’t trying to get one–I didn’t even notice that one was being held out–but it dropped right into my hands!

I didn’t take too many photos this year, partly because I didn’t want to spend the money on high-speed film, but mostly because I thought I’d just enjoy the parade for once. I took more at Krewe du Vieux, which I went to for the first time on February 15th, so many that I haven’t gotten them all edited yet.

outfit of the day: black, red & grey (cold weather version)

ootd black red grey cold weather version

I went to Target on Saturday and added a few long-sleeved shirts to my wardrobe. (And one purple shirt that turned out to be short-sleeved. Curses! My “I don’t try things on, I know my sizes” policy backfires on me occasionally. Oh well, it’s a nice color, I’ll find something to do with it.) I’ve worn this outfit before, here I’m just adding a shirt under the dress (and tights under the socks) for warmth. Everything else I already had, the pin is my black lizard.

purple suede button ballet flatsSpeaking of Target, I’ve had my eye on these shoes, waiting for them to go on sale, and it looks like this is my week: they went from $24.99 to $19.99.




mustard suede ballet flatscranberry ruffle flatsI also want these shoes, but I’m not going to pay full price for them. I just have to be patient, they’ll go on sale eventually.




brown wool sweater dressThis wool sweater dress I’ve had bookmarked for a few weeks is down to $37.99 from $49.99, but I bet it will go down more. However, if I wait too long they may run out of my size; plus it’s 100% wool so it’s probably not ever going to be as cheap as my cotton dresses. Unless I wait for final clearance, and then I’ll probably only have a couple weeks before it’s too warm to wear it. I have to ponder this.

outfit of the day: brown, blue, & green geometry

ootd brown blue and green geometricsOops, I cut the top of my head off. Socks are from Target, they were $5.99 and also came with a dark brown and a light brown pair. Tie is from St. Vincent de Paul and cost a whole dollar. The non-blue color sometimes looks green and sometimes brown, so the socks kind of tie it together. Ha ha, “tie it together”, GET IT?! The tie tack is a repurposed earring and the shoes I already owned.

earring tie tack green and brownSmooove. As I was coming into the office today, one of the deans stopped and was like “Oh! That’s… you look nice. That whole *points up and down*… thing. It’s nice.” Like, you could tell he’d literally never complimented a girl on her clothes before.

Of course, there’s always the possibility that I look like a huge freak and he was just being tactful.

I noticed on the bus this morning that the sole on my left shoe is starting to peel away, which makes me sad. I love these shoes, but they are pretty old. On the other hand, it does give me an excuse to buy (even more) shoes. I’ve never been into shoes before, it’s kind of fun. I’m definitely getting these and these. I’ll probably also get these, and possibly in patent black as well. And for brown I think I’ll split the difference with these tan shoes and these brown shoes. Also these, because why the hell not.

Seriously, that is pared down. I had a lot more bookmarked that either didn’t come any bigger than a size 6, or that I decided I could live without. They’re all cheap as hell, anyway.

I’m also perilously close to breaking one of my three rules and buying this dress. It’s not cotton, it’s rayon/polyester, which I kind of hate. But the color and the cut are dead-on, and it’s literally the ONLY solid green dress I’ve been able to find, ANYWHERE.