outfit of the day: scarf/shawl thing

ootd scarf shawl thing

I bought this way back at the beginning of summer, when of course it was too hot to wear it, and have been waiting for a chance to bust it out. Before I got to work I wore it more like a scarf, wrapped around my neck and shoulders. Then I adjusted it and pinned it (I had the pin on my dress before) when I got to work. I like the versatility of it. And it’s not just decorative, because this department is notorious for being freezing cold, even when it’s hot outside. Some of my co-workers even use space heaters in their offices.

paisley shawl flower globe pin

Everything but the scarf/shawl I already had. (Well, technically I already had that too, I just hadn’t worn it yet.) The pin is one I bought In Louisiana and I’ve worn it a couple times, but I don’t think I’ve posted a photo of it yet.