my mash note to the hottest 9 1/2-fingered man in washington


Perhaps a wee bit predictably, I’ve developed a slicky for Rahm Emanuel, our new skull-cracking White House Chief of Staff. What’s not to love? He’s an infamously hot-tempered, F-bomb droppin’, 9 1/2-fingered, former ballet dancer.

Oh, and the West Wing character Josh Lyman was based on him. This administration is like fanfic coming to life. Dr. Gregory House for Surgeon General!

If SNL ever grows a pair, Emanuel will be portayed by Andy Samberg — they cut this skit from last week’s show, in which Samberg/Emanuel threatens to “end” his opponents and calls Joe Lieberman a “turncoat”. Maybe they’re afraid the portryal was a little too accurate. This is the man who once sent a dead, rotting fish to a pollster who pissed him off — God only knows what he’d mail to Lorne Michaels.

Of course, one has only truly arrived on the internets when someone sets up a “facts” website about you. The best part about Rahmbo’s? The facts (“Rahm jumped onto a table after the 2006 midterms and shouted that the GOP can go fuck themselves”) are all 100% true, and even link to news articles to prove it.

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