portfolio: round 4

This is my first time ordering large prints from medium format negatives; the square prints are both 10×10.

The one in the cemetery was taken with my Holga on a spring early afternoon, and it’s printed on Kodak Lustre. It’s a little roadside cemetery in the country near the larger Bancker cemetery where my grandfather is buried. As you can see in the photo, there are cow pastures behind and to one side of it. The Spanish moss is always particularly beautiful on that large tree in the center. I love the dreaminess of the photo (that great Holga softeness and corner vignetting), the little pops of bright color from the artificial flowers, and the cows in the background, which look so odd near the stark white tombstones.

The other photo was taken at the Washington Schoolhouse Antiques Mall with my Kodak Brownie Hawkeye with a flipped lens, and it’s printed on Kodak Metallic. (They’re always putting different stuff in that old sink.) This is the first time I’ve had anything done on metallic that had light, soft colors. I decided to go with metallic because the pinwheel was made of glittery plastic, and I wanted to reproduce that look, but I also like the way it looks with more subtle colors, too.

And the last photo was taken at the Audobon Aquarium of the Americas last summer in New Orleans, with my Lomo LC-A+. It’s an 8×10 and it’s printed on Kodak Lustre. (I don’t think I’ve had anything printed on matte, yet.) This is one of my favorite photos, I just think it’s so interesting to look at. Do you think the orange fish is leading the other fish, or being chased by them?

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portfolio: round 2

(Sorry about the lo-fi cell phone photo, but I’m assuming you’ve seen these actual photos before anyway.)

I ordered the second round of my portfolio prints from Adoramapix.com on Thursday and got them yesterday, which was super fast. They did a fantastic job again.

The 2 on the end are both 11×14 prints on Kodak Lustre. The angel with the church in the background was taken in the cemetery of St. John the Evangelist in Lafayette, LA. It was taken during a Christmas vacation a couple of years before I moved to Louisiana, and is one of my rare digital shots. The other one is my Alligator Festival shot, I’ve discussed that one before. It was taken with my Lomo LC-A+. I recently submitted that to Louisiana Life magazine, but I haven’t heard anything yet.

The middle one is an 8×10 on Kodak metallic paper, the light sparkles look amazing on that paper. It was shot in Morgan City, on the Atchafalaya River dock facing Berwick, late winter, late afternoon. I used a Holga 35 BC. I decided not to go with the larger size because it’s not entirely in focus–it’s a plastic-lensed camera and I was shooting directly into the setting sun. It suits the subject to have softer edges, but I thought blown up really large it would become distracting.

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first 3 portfolio prints

I got my first 3 portfolio prints from AdoramaPix today, which was a surprise as I wasn’t expecting them until next week. (It would be pretty pricey to get 20 large prints all at once, so I’m going to do 2 or 3 every couple of weeks or so.)

The 2 largest are 11×14 prints, they’re both on Kodak Supra Endura Lustre. This is my first experience with Lustre, and I’m really impressed. I’ve never liked high gloss paper, it just looks cheap and plasticy to me. But matte isn’t appropriate for everything, and metallic should really be used sparingly. This is a really good balance between matte and high gloss, and it looks classy as fuck. These photos were both taken with my wide angle Pink Slim Dress camera on Fuji Superia 35mm. The cemetery is Delino Cemetery in Henry (Delino was my grandmother’s maiden name), near where my grandparent’s house used to be; it was taken in early spring, early afternoon. The house is San Francisco Plantation in Garyville, LA; it was taken the week after Christmas, late afternoon.

The smaller print is on Kodak Metallic, the same paper I got my exhibit print done on. The colors are so bright that I thought, why not just go balls-out. It’s an azalea tree on my grandparent’s property; it was taken in early spring, mid-afternoon. The colors have not been tweaked, that’s really what the tree looks like. (It’s even brighter when you’re looking at the actual print, and not a crappy cell phone pic.) I used the 35mm converter back on my Diana F+ to take this. Photos taken with the converter never seem to come out quite in focus, but it makes up for that by giving everything that’s in direct sunlight a weird glow. I decided to get a smaller print for this, 5×7, because blown up any larger I think it would just be a grainy, hot pink mess.

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