patterns & repetition

I  just checked the status of my Diana F+ flash and 35mm converter. It has left the Sunnyvale UPS center and is on time for delivery today! I am excited. I have to use the rest of the instant film in my Diana today so I can start shooting 35mm IMMEDIATELY. I’m really excited about the flash, too. It comes with colored gel inserts! Did I already mention that?!

Meantime, here is another roll from my Pop 9.



pop 9 in louisiana

I took these last Christmas while visiting my parents, but only got around to getting them developed last weekend. Most of them were taken in New Orleans. I also have a roll from my SuperSampler that I got developed, I’ll probably post some of those tomorrow.



first roll from the pop 9

Okay, so I was basically just playing around with the camera on this roll, and none of these are like, great works of art or anything.



stitching, arctic rainstorms, and photography lessons



This is done, except I forgot to put in the French knots for his eyes, so it’s a little creepy.

The weather is cold and rainy, we’re in the middle of a rainstorm that’s swooped down from Alaska (there’s even snow in the higher elevations), so I hardly left the house all weekend. I did get the first rolls developed from my SuperSampler and Pop9. Some of them didn’t come out: The Pop9’s lenses don’t protrude; in fact they’re a little recessed, so it’s easy to get your finger over one of the lenses. Eep. So I have to train myself to handle it only by the edges.

The SuperSampler worked better than I thought, considering there’s no viewfinder and I was guessing. It needs to be held just a little higher.

But it was a learning experience, and there were a few good ones on each roll. I got them put on CD, so I’ll have them up later.


I was drinking a glass of dry sherry yesterday, when I glanced at it on the nightstand and saw this interesting effect.

did i say i wasn’t going to buy any more cameras until after christmas?


When did photo frames get so expensive? I went to Bad, Bath & Beyond last weekend, thinking I might frame some of my photos I’ve been taking lately, and they were all like $15 at the cheapest. And a lot of them were ugly anyway. Sheesh.

So I solved it by buying 2 French memo boards, a narrow one for my Instaxes and a large square one for my other Lomo cameras.


And I’m going to have a lot more photos soon, because *mumble* I bought another Lomo camera, a Pop 9. And my SuperSampler hasn’t even arrived yet (it should be there today). Hey, it’s cheap. And I got free shipping, And Mom is sending me some $$$ for my birthday. And it’s good for the economy!

Okay, that last one is the ultimate lame excuse.

pop-9The Pop 9 has 9 lenses that all fire at once, so you get a sort of Warhol-esque photo that’s 3 rows of 3 images. It has a flash but I don’t think a focus; the reviews I’ve read say you can get fairly close to your subject with it. It shoots 35mm.

I need to get some kind of display shelf just for my cameras, I don’t like to keep them shoved in a drawer. And although I’m going to try reeeally hard not to buy any more until January, I’m going to buy more eventually. There are least 3 that I want: a Fisheye 2, one of the first Lomo cameras that interested me; a Colorsplash, which comes with a selection of colored gels to put over the flash; and an Oktomat, which is sort of a combination of the SuperSampler and the Pop 9 — it has 8 lenses that fire consecutively over 2.5 seconds.

Lomography and obsessive-compulsiveness are a dangerous combo.