butterfly embroidery pillowcase and variegated floss sampler work-in-progress: 1

I’ve been working on this pillowcase for my grandmother for months–I gave her the first one for Christmas. Satin stitching is my most-hated stitch (every stitcher has one), and after working on these pillowcases and another pair for my brother (which appears to have gotten lost in the mail >_<), I don’t want to do any more fucking satin stitch for quite a while.


So after that, it was a relief to finally start a cross stitch project. I started this yesterday. It’s a sampler done entirely with variegated floss, so the colors darken and lighten and darken again as you stitch. The flash washed it out, but the cloth is actually quite a bit darker than it appears. I thought that would contrast nicely with the bright colors.

My next project was supposed to be a wedding sampler for my sister and her fiancé, but I can’t get the software to work on my computer. However, I got it installed on my mother’s computer last Christmas, when I bought it, so maybe it will be a Christmas present instead.

I also bought an embroidery book at Borders this weekend — actually I ordered it almost a month ago, and kept forgetting to pick it up: Kyuuto! Japanese Crafts: Wooly Embroidery. There are some really adorable designs in there and I can’t wait to try some, but it will probably have to wait until fall. Wooly embroidery is really not something that’s very enjoyable in hot weather.