outfit of the day: blue & green garden

ootd blue and green garden

I accidentally cut off part of my head again, so fuck it, let’s just get rid of the whole thing. Y’all know what I look like by now. The pin is one I bought at Thrift Town a few weeks ago. Everything else I already had.

Sock Dreams sent me the wrong socks! I only bought a pair because they were offering a 30% discount, in honor of their new store location. I ordered Sparrows All Over, and they sent me Birds On a Wire. Grump. I’ll be calling later to see what I need to do.

hummingbird pinShapely Prose recently linked an interview with Paul Giamatti, who recently filmed a movie where people’s souls can be seen as physical objects. He was riffing on the subject and speculating what famous people’s souls would look like. Some of them were crazily… I don’t want to say “accurate”, because duh. But I found myself nodding in agreement. (Kim Jong-Il: “A box of crazy crabs”.)

So anwyay, there was an open thread asking readers what object they thought their souls would look like. And I decided mine would probably be a tacky and gaudy, slightly beat up, but still inexplicably awesome pin found in a thrift store. Probably shaped like some kind of animal — “starfish” was the first image that popped into my head.

blue tulip socks and blue shoesSee what I mean about how that shade of blue pops up over and over again?