outfit of the day: orange & grey

ootd orange and greyOrange and grey is a weird color combo, but one I’ve always liked. At one point I even had a blog layout that used it, pre-LJ. Socks are from Target ($3.99), furoshiki is from Daiso ($1.50). Shoes I already owned. I think I like the theory better than the execution. The colors are great, but I can already tell I’m going to be fussing with that thing all day.

orange furoshikiIt’s kind of top-heavy, due to where I pinned it, so it keeps up-ending every time I lean forward or bend over. The pin is an old earring, BTW. Still, I like that fold and feel pretty clever for coming up with it. I like things like folds and knots; probably the same part of my brain that enjoys learning or coming up with new stitches.

I look especially annoyed in this photo, but it’s just my default expression. I think I get it from my mother, who also tends to look exasperated in photos. I don’t smile in these because I hate my phony “say cheese!” smile. My candid smile is nice, though.