hey, maybe the constitutional law professor won’t notice if we fuck up the oath of office!


Chief Justicin' is hard!

In between all the actual work President Obama (I FINALLY GET TO WRITE “PRESIDENT OBAMA”!) had to do yesterday on his first full day on the job, he also re-took the Oath of Office after mushmouthed Boy Wonder Chief Justice Roberts totally fucked up the wording during the swearing-in ceremony. Way to crap all over a historic American moment, retard.

The paranoid part of me is tempted to believe Roberts did it on purpose. No one of any importance paid attention to the wingnut election script of “Obama ain’t elly-jibble for the preznincy cuz he was borned in Africa/Indonesia/Planet Krypton!”

Plan B: Make him fuck up the Oath so he can’t be Preznint, mwahaha! …except that the President-Elect becomes President at noon on Inauguration Day, as specified in the Constitution, and the Oath is just a formality. Nah, even Faux News isn’t stupid and partisan enough to claim that, right?! …oh.

But one should never attribute to malice that which can be laid at the feet of simple fucktardery.

On a personal note, I would just like to say I was thrilled at the shout-out to “non-believers” that Obama gave in his Inaugural Address. Atheists are sick and tired of being treated like enemies of America. We love our country, too — enough to actually want to see the First Ammendment enforced and protected.