and fuck your magic underwear, too


Sentiment against the LDS is running pretty high in certain California circles right now. As much as I admire groups like Mormons for Marriage and Feminist Mormon Housewives, I understand the feeling. Lest I be called a hypocrite for yesterday’s post where I said that bigotry could not be used to fight another type of bigotry, the backlash against black voters “passing” Prop 8 is mistaken, and that’s my main beef with it. Blaming the Mormons (by which I mean their church hierarchy, which poured $22 million into the Yes on 8 campaign) is not.

This week I find myself even more inclined to declare their religion, with its baptism of dead non-Mormons and North American Jesus and magical golden plates, to be a stupid crock of shit; and to cordially invite any Mormons that take offense at this to blow me. However, it should be noted that even during weeks where the mass of their congregants didn’t vote to strip a minority of my fellow Calfornians of their civil rights because of religious bigotry, I’m not shy about such statements.

I do wonder why Mormons who believe in same-sex marriage, or who disagree with any number of other crazy or ass-backwards church tenets don’t just pick up and find some other religion that doesn’t make their blood boil. But I guess it’s like the homophobes who will say of gay Californians, “Whatever, why don’t they just move to Massachussetts?” California is their home, and they’re not going to just give up and move somewhere else. Mormons who support same-sex marriage still consider themselves Mormons, which is a faith that’s always put enormous stock on heritage and ancestry. It would be nothing short of traumatic for a lot of them to leave their church. Instead they want to fight to make it a better church, and as much as the concept of magic underwear baffles me (and as much sarcastic shit that I, as an atheist, will always talk), I do applaud them for it.

But I ever get a certificate in the mail saying “Congrats, your beloved and deceased grandfather is now a Mormon!”, I’m going to tape it to a brick, set it on fire, and hurl it through the closest Temple window. You’ve been warned.

Worth watching: Keith Olbermann’s Special Comment on the passage of Prop 8.

I’ve heard all the stories about how Keith Olbermann is allegedly an overbearing bully with a comically inflated ego and issues with women. (Although his obvious respect for Rachel Maddow makes me doubt the last part, at least.) And you know what? I really don’t give a shit. The man has a way of saying everything that I wish I could, were I not too busy with all the forehead veins a-bustin’.


good news for us filthy constitution-lovers

Even while I’ve been marinating in schadenfreude over Obama’s probable victory come November 4, I’ve been trying to ignore the fact that Proposition 8, the prop that would ammend California’s constitution to deny gay citizens of their full rights, seemed likely to pass.

See, California is not as liberal as everyone who doesn’t actually live here likes to pretend it is. You have Los Angeles and the Bay Area, which are islands of godless hedonism; then between them you have an ocean of ignorant redneck conservitards. You know, the kind of people who wouldn’t vote for Obama because “OMG HIS MIDDLE NAME IS HUSSEIN!!1!“. The state almost always goes to the Democrat in the presidential races, because that part of the state has a much lower population density; but if you hang out in San Joaquin or Butte counties, you aren’t going to run into a lot of latte-sippin’, Volvo-drivin’ women’s studies perfessors.

Looking at a red-blue breakdown of counties, it goes like this:

(The 10.3 is the percentage that Kerry won over Bush in 2004.)

Well, worry no more: Proposition 8 is now losing 52%-44%.

I don’t want to be premature, obviously we can’t just sit back on our butts and ride it out until election day; it’s important that everyone who believes that gays and lesbians deserve the full civil rights accorded to them by the Constitution continue to shout about it until election day. But this is good news.

What infuriates me the most about the Yes on 8 side is that they’re being funded almost entirely by out-of-state hate groups that want to impose their selective version of a Christian theocracy on California. Bay of Fundie has a really excellent entry on where the $$$ is coming from (hint: Not from secular and/or California-based organizations), and how all the commercials for Yes on 8 are a tissue of lies from beginning to end. (I’m also indebted to the site for the image above.)

I’m also impressed with this group: Mormons for Marriage, which is against Prop 8. Especially because the LDS church has been pouring tithes into the Yes on 8 coffers for months. It takes guts to take this kind of stand against your church. I bet these people are pretty sick of being told “I’ll pray for you” (where “I’ll pray for you” is code for “BURN IN HELL YOU SODOMITE!!1!”) from their fellow church members. I noticed their comments have been closed, I can only assume that’s the result of “concerned” comments from their fellow “Christians”.

In related news, Proposition 4, the “parental notification” abortion law, is narrowly holding on to a 2% lead; but there are still a lot of undecided voters, so all is not lost. We need to see a concentrated media blitz from the No on 4 groups, like we’ve been seeing from No on 8 recently. I mean, a lot of those undecideds have to be pro-choicers who aren’t sure that “notification” is necessarily a bad thing, they just need to be better informed (and shown that the whole “Sarah’s Law” jiggery-pokery is a huge load of manure.)