Nook is dead, long live Kindle Fire

After 3 1/2 years, my trusty Nook Tablet died on Saturday. *pours one out* It had been charging slowly lately (I was on my 3rd charger, the first one having been left in a hotel room in New Orleans and the 2nd one having just up and died) and losing power faster–if I wanted to stream anything, it had to be plugged in, because that would burn through the battery by the first commercial break. And over the weekend it just up and died; my mother has the same model and I even tried using her charger, thinking it was just the charger again, but nope. Nothing.

3 1/2 years really doesn’t seem like a long time; at the risk of being all WHEN I WAS A KID, the first television I ever bought lasted 10 years, and I used to fall asleep with it on and even have it playing without sound when I read–I found the movement soothing, even when I wasn’t looking directly at it. But I suppose the more complicated something is (that first television was an old cathode ray tube set, which today seems as obsolete as a biplane), the easier it dies. And I did use it pretty much all the time, probably more than my cell phone. It was one of the first e-readers to challenge the iPad and have apps and wi-fi and stuff. I read books on it, used the internet on it (before I bought my laptop last year, almost exclusively; I only used the old desktop if I needed to print something), watched most of my television shows and streamed movies on it.

So anyway, I’ve had Amazon Prime for a while now, I think since 2008, when I started doing nearly all of my shopping online and it started to seem worth it for free 2-day shipping. Which is all Prime was for a long time, so it wasn’t really a factor when I first decided to get an e-reader. But with all the extras you get with Prime now (access to a huge free library of movies and books, the ability to pre-order one new release a month for $1.99), getting a Kindle Fire HD this time around was really a no-brainer, especially since I found out you can access books in your Nook library with a 3rd party app on your Fire. Finding out how to “sideload” a 3rd party app was a funky adventure that makes me dread the day I need to ask some random 20-year-old for tech help, but I got there eventually. I have like 200 books on my Nook, so I’m glad to still have access to them.

I went with the 6″ HD, which is only $99, although I paid another $20 to double the memory from 8 GB to 16. The 7″ is $139, and one inch doesn’t seem worth another $40 to me. I’m kind of wishing I paid the extra $15 to have the ad-free version; basically whenever you wake the device up, there’s an ad for something on Amazon that you have to side-swipe to get rid of. It’s not like you spend all day staring at the wake-up screen, but it’s ugly and crass and I’m finding it far more annoying than I thought I would. I wonder if you can upgrade to ad-free on a device you’ve already bought? I’m going to look into that.

Too bad the Nook didn’t go kerblooey a week earlier, maybe I could have picked up a Kindle Fire for cheap on Prime Day. Although maybe not; I heard all the good stuff sold out literally within seconds, and then it was just an Amazon Garage Sale for the rest of the day.