i haven’t checked, but i’m sure the GOP is reacting to judge sotomayor’s nomination with restraint and logic, right?

thorazine4 Mark Krikorian‘s #1 complaint? Her name isn’t pronounced how it looks to English speakers. Is this article his application for the Grumpy Old White Man endowed chair of Cantankerous Studies at Curmudgeon U? The title is “It Sticks In My Craw”. This is literally the dumbest thing anyone’s ever written. Congrats, gramps.

Mike Huckabee obviously didn’t bother to do any actual research about Sotomayor and just blindly fell in line with the party stance that anyone Obama nominates is going to be a sleeper cell commie homobortionist. How else to explain his angry diatribe against someone named “Maria Sotomayor”? Hey Huck, not all Puerto Rican women are named Maria, any more than all guys from Arkansas are sick porn hounds who torture and kill dogs. Just your sons! West Side Story wasn’t a documentary, you sack of crap.

And finally, we have the ever rational Jonah Goldberg, who accuses Obama of being a narcissist by “appointing himself” to the Supreme Court. Because “white male” is the normal default, and anyone who isn’t one is identical. Differences of ethnicity, gender, and upbringing pale (heh) in comparison to their not-whiteness! Also, by this “logic”, pretty much every POTUS we’ve ever had has been a narcissist, which explains the nearly unbroken line of white male presidents appointing white male judges.


shorter* jonah goldberg: “being called a mean name is totes worse than being reduced to a second-class citizen in your own country”


Hate crime!

The real vicitms of Prop 8 are the Mormons; even though they thought it up, poured $22 million into its passage, and it has no discernible affect on their lives at all.

*”Shorter” concept stolen from Sadly, No!