life without movies is not worth living

Related to this post, here are the DVDs I elected to keep with me in Louisiana, putting the others I own in storage:

  • The 4th and 5th seasons of Northern Exposure. I have the first 3, but these 2 are the peak of the show, IMO. Although I know people who claimed the character of Mike Monroe was the shark-jump moment, I don’t agree with that. He was only a single-season character; Joel going native was clearly the shark jump.
  • Both seasons of Pushing Daisies. Sigh.
  • All 3 seasons of Dexter; the 4th season will no doubt eventually join it.
  • Lawrence of Arabia, tied with
  • The Fall, for Favorite Movie Ever.
  • Firefly & Serenity. Gorram it.
  • Aeon Flux. The complete animated series (including the Liquid Television shorts), not the terrible movie that was sort of based on it.
  • The 1st season of Fringe; ditto for the 2nd when it comes out.
  • The 1st season of True Blood, ditto as above.
  • Twin Peaks, the Definitive Gold Box Edition. It came with extras and postcards and an ad for David Lynch’s coffee, which I am scared to drink.
  • All the Harry Potter movies to date, except the first 2, when Dan Rad was too young for even a pervert like me to leer at.
  • All the Hayao Miyazake films I own: My Neighbor Totoro, Kiki’s Delivery Service, Princess Mononoke, Spirited Away, and Howl’s Moving Castle. I haven’t even seen Ponyo, Y/N?
  • The most recent Star Trek movie. GEEK.

j.j. abrams’ new show: “fringe”

Or as I like to think of it: Denethor & Pacey Go All X-Files On Your Ass. Along with some random chick I hope will eventually grow on me, and that scary guy from The Wire.

Hilariously, I didn’t even realize what I knew John Noble from (the Grizzly Adams beard he sports in his opening scene didn’t help) until he croaked the phrase “my son” in that trademark stentorian voice. You may remember him repeating those words approximately 957 times in Return of the King.

So yeah, the comparisons with The X-Files are probably inevitable (there was a little bit of The Cell in there, too), but the pilot didn’t suck. Plus, you know, J.J. Abrams. I’d watch it again. Although since it’s Fox, we can probably count on them pulling the plug just as we’re really getting into it.