boring outfit & bad news

ootd uninspired green

Well, they can’t all be insanely eye-catching.

green leaf pinThe only noteworthy part of this outfit is the pin, which is one of the pins I bought at the Old Schoolhouse Antique Mall in Louisiana. It’s one of the prettiest ones I own; also, usually old pins have at least one tiny stone missing, but this one is entirely intact.

Bonnie came home from her work trip last night and I asked her about assuming the lease on the farmhouse. Turns out, it’s actually being foreclosed on. Which is why the “owners” broke off negotiations: It’s no longer theirs to sell (or rent). So moving is pretty much an inevitability now. Remind me to avoid any Craigslist ads that use the phrase “light cooking”. *deep shudder of loathing*

Sadface. It’s really too bad, because not only do I love the house and location, Bonnie is the best housemate I ever had. We had just the right balance of friendliness and general getting alongness, while at the same time respecting each other’s space and leaving each other the fuck alone.

So: Pet death and eviction. When do I lose my job and/or get diagnosed with a brain tumor? *eyeroll*