My Neighbor Totoro cross stitch #1

Totoro in hydrangeas cross stitch (with flash)

This is the first cross stitch I’ve completed in a while. I got bogged down with those Celtic crosses; I wanted to do the entire book of designs (I think there were 8 in all), but as I was about to finish the 2nd to last one I got a serious case of the eff thises and didn’t want to pick up any needlecrafts for the next several months. Which is my normal routine, I go in spurts where I’m obsessed with it and do it every waking minute, then I can’t stand the sight of an embroidery hoop for the rest of the year.

This is a small design, actually one of 2 My Neighbor Totoro designs that I bought as a digital file from an Etsy seller for a few dollars, back when I was still working on the crosses. I usually like to ease back into things with a small project. I was just going to hoop it, but it’s small enough that maybe I can use it for a clothing or a tote bag patch or something.

“ponyo” trailer

Here’s the trailer for Hayao Miyazaki’s latest film, due for North American release in August:

Like pretty much all his films, it looks simultaneously adorable and slightly disturbing. (Except for Princess Mononoke, which was AWESOME and very disturbing.) I have no idea what it’s about, something about a fish who wants to become a human girl… and has to save the world, I guess? Who cares, it’s Miyazaki. I’ll see it.