I’ve located R’lyeh. It’s near Baton Rouge.

My brother Rian goes back to Chicago today, but he was here for a week and I showed him ’round a bit. We went to New Orleans and I introduced him to some of my favorite spots in Bywater and Marigny–including brunch at Elizabeth’s, where I had the redneck eggs: Eggs Benedict on fried green tomatoes instead of English muffins.

And yesterday we went to St. Francisville and New Roads. The cemetery of Grace Episcopal Church is one of my favorites, and I’ve been to a LOT of cemeteries in the last few years.

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My brother picked up a brochure in the church that talked about some of the families buried there and some of the more impressive tombs. This was built by Ira Smith to be for his whole family, but after he died and was interred within, his heir threw the key into the Mississippi–THREW, not dropped–and it was never opened again.

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This would be a bad place to live in case of zombie apocalypse.

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A lot of the family plots are gated, and some of them have truly creepy details on them.

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This old tomb at the back of the cemetery was the kicker. There was a giant crack right down the middle; also a huge patch of quickmud right in front of it, even though the rest of the cemetery was fairly dry.

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I’m not a superstitious person but I have read a lot of H.P. Lovecraft, so I took my photo and GTFO.

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fish eggs, fish eggs, roly-poly fish eggs

Saturday has become miscellaneous errand day since I’m working again. Today I went to the library to renew Hearts in Atlantis — working also means less time to read — and turn in Perfect Murder, Perfect Town: JonBenét and the City of Boulder. That one was interesting, because Lawrence Schiller wasn’t trying to sell his personal pet theory of the murder, just presenting the facts. Which means I still have no fucking clue who killed JonBenét Ramsey. I guess it will never be solved. If it was Patsy Ramsey (there is no single case on record of a mother garrotting her child, ever), she’s already dead.

I also checked out an awesome commemorative edition of pretty much every story H.P. Lovecraft ever wrote, it’s called (of course) The Necronomicon and has a leather cover with a be-tentacled Cthulhu stamped in silver. The librarian gave me the hairy eyeball, because everyone who works at that library is Super Catholic and also dumber than a sack of hair. The Necronomicon isn’t a real thing, people! It’s just a word that Lovecraft made up and that every writer/filmmaker has been ripping off since in homage!!

What was funny is there was a deeply weird poster hanging right behind her. It was your standard “Make waves!” slogan, exorting kids to read during their summer vacay; but the illustration was this like, robed, fiercesome Ram Wizard God, with cryptic symbols all over his enourmous curly horns and blank black eyes, standing upright and being pulled through a stormy ocean by tethered killer whales. Which looked like tadpoles, so he was also GIANT. I AM NOT EVEN KIDDING, YOU GUYS. Oh man, I wanted to take a cell cam photo so bad, but my battery was dead! Maybe I’ll try again the next time I’m there; if some parent (or nun) doesn’t wig out, it will probably be hanging all summer.

Then after that I went to Lafayette. I went to S&P Oriental Grocery again — that name used to make me wince, then I remembered it’s not politically incorrect to refer to things as “Oriental”, just people. This time I found lychee jellies, wasabi furikake, and dashi soup stock. Which means I can make chawan mushi.

Then I went to Target for new sunglasses, where I also got a new pea soup green purse, because it was on clearance for $17.48, and pea soup green is a color sadly lacking in my wardrobe.

THEN I went to Rouses for bento stuff. They not only have tobiko, they have the kind DYED GREEN WITH WASABI WHAT. They also had the black squid ink tobiko, but I don’t care for that. Squid ink has a taste like white paper to me. It’s faint but unpleasant. I also got pickled baby carrots, because a true Japanese bento always has a pickle course. I’m going to make mini sushi rolls for my next one. It will be awesome.

The ‘rents are going to some party in Breaux Bridge later this afternoon. I was invited and probably would have gone, but it’s OUTSIDE. NO THANK YOU. So instead I’m going to settle down with a 6-pack of Honey Moon and watch On Demand every episode of this season of Leverage. I watched the season premiere this morning and realized how much I missed it when Eliot “the Hitter” paused in the middle of beating the shit out of a crooked prison guard, growled “Look at me”, then continued to beat the shit out him. Oh, Christian Kane. I’ve almost forgotten you played Lindsey “Evil Hand!” McDonald way back when on Angel.