golden half, old schoolhouse antiques mall (and a couple miscellaneous)

I had like 5 cameras going all at once, and I finished them pretty much at the same time, so expect lots of photo entries this week.

I like this one because it’s like real flowers on one side, abstract flowers on the other. Part of the fun of the Golden Half is finding images that connect when you put them next to each other.

You know you’re living in the tropics (or near to them) when nurseries sell plants that have hot pink leaves the size of dinner plates.

I like all the texture in this one. There was some guy staring creepily through the window on the right, but I mostly obliterated him with the clone feature. Which I know, is kind of cheating, but seriously: he was totally creeping. UGH.

Gueydan is “The Duck Capital of the World”. They have a Duck Festival, but it’s the last week in August. NO THANKS.

One day I hope to own a giant horned animal skull of some sort.

Clabber is unpasteurized sour milk. Why the fuck anyone in their right mind would eat that — let alone name a line of baking products after it — is beyond me. Clabber Girl is still around — there’s a container of Clabber Girl corn starch in the pantry downstairs.

I had the first roll from my Blackbird Fly developed yesterday, and there’s some really good stuff on it (including a photo I took of my grandmother on Mother’s Day that is one of the best candid portraits I’ve ever taken). But the ninnies at Walgreen’s “forgot” to make my CD, although they didn’t forget to charge me for it. And the girl who was working the photo counter when I went back apparently doesn’t know her ass from a hole in the ground. I’m supposed to go back today and get it, when the one employee who knows how to feed a strip of negatives into a machine and press a button will be working.

I also sent off my expired film from the Brownie Hawkeye — the mystery roll that was already in the camera, and the expired in 1968 roll that I shot — yesterday. I really, really hope that Dwayne’s doesn’t give me any “We don’t process 620” guff. It’s the exact same film as 120! It’s just wrapped around a different sized spool!! I also pray they don’t ignore my special instruction to send the spools back — I’ll need them if I ever want to use my Brownie Hawkeye or my Kodak Duaflex again.