outfit of the day: brown & green (cold weather version)

ootd brown green cold weather

Here is a cold weather version of an outfit I’ve already featured. Basically I just added a brown shirt under the dress, brown tights under the socks, and a scarf. Having something around my neck automatically raises my internal temperature 5-10 degrees. I’m not entirely sold on the socks-over-tights look, but it certainly is warmer.

A co-worker once told me she could never wear brown and green together, because it gave her Girl Scout flashbacks. Since I dropped out of Bluebirds and never made it that far, it doesn’t have the same unpleasant connotations for me. The only contact I’ve had with Girl Scouts in years are my annual rants about their shitty, overpriced cookies. (They suck!)

Nothing I’m wearing is new, this is a case of “shopping in your closet”.

brown green scarf with leaf pinTrying something new with today’s pin.