outfit of the day: spring formal

ootd spring formal

The shoes I bought a few weeks ago at Target. It’s odd that I love them, because usually I hate fussy little bows on clothes. If I see underwear that has a fussy little bow (on bras they always stick them on the piece of cloth that connects the cups, which drives me batty), but that I otherwise like, I’ll buy it, then remove the bow with a seam ripper. But on the shoes, they work. The fact that they’re flat bows is part of it, I think.

Everything else I already owned.

Sock Dreams answered my email complaint about the socks before noon yesterday. They immediately mailed out the correct pair, and said the package would include an addressed, pre-stamped envelope. I just have to stick the wrong pair of socks in it, along with my receipt, and send them back. I like that they didn’t make me send the wrong pair back first (and pay for postage and packaging myself), that’s excellent customer service.

black toed shoes and black eyelet socks

pink cherry blossom furoshiki

blue cherry blossom pin

outfit of the day: wedding dress (not mine!)

2 layer cutaway dressThis is the dress I bought for my sister’s wedding last October. I usually stay away from empire waists, as I carry a lot of my fat in my belly and they tend to look like maternity wear on me. But the preggo effect isn’t as bad with this particular dress. I suspect it might be a skosh overfancy for work, but I really like this dress and would hate to see it moldering in a closet. Anyway, no one’s ever complained. “Young lady, you look far too nice today.”

I blogged yesterday’s outfit in Fatshionista, and got a lot of people commenting “Eww, knee socks!”. That’s both helpful AND constructive! Seriously, I’m not asking YOU to wear them. I see a lot of things in that community I would never wear, but I’m not a narcissistic asshole who thinks everything is All About Me, so I keep it to myself.

Now I’m remembering why I frequently quit that community (then re-join months later when I’ve forgotten why I quit).

Anyway, as you can see I took the prevailing opinion very much to heart. By which I mean: I totally ignored it. YOU CAN HAVE MY KNEE SOCKS WHEN YOU PRY THEM FROM MY COLD, DEAD LEGS. Those are eyelets BTW, not a woven pattern.

gold flats and black eyelet knee highs

I see my feet got cut off, so here they are. Between the metallic shoes, and my headband (which is glittery), I didn’t feel the need for jewelry.