Vacation #2: Windsor Ruins, B&W

This is slightly expired Fuji Neopan shot in my wide angle Vivi Ultra W&S knock-off. I shot this combo for the first time last spring and loved it, and this is a good subject for a wide angle lens anyway.

The Windsor Ruins

The Windsor Ruins

The Windsor Ruins

The Windsor Ruins

The Windsor Ruins

This is the last batch of vacation photos, but 2016 is already shaping up to be a busy travel year. I’ve got Krewe of Muses (already booked my Airbnb accommodation for that) and the Little Rock pen show in February; back to Lynchburg for the Monacan powwow in either April or May (they won’t commit to exact dates until it’s a bit closer); and at some point during the year I hope to spend some more time on Dauphin Island. I’ll probably do the Dallas pen show again, too.

My hopefuls for 2017 are FINALLY going to Rocky Ridge Farm in Missouri, and visiting my brother in Chicago (during the Chicago pen show), if he’s still there and if his crazy boyfriend will simmer down long enough.

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LOMO LC-A+: the de la Ronde Ruins, Versailles, LA






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Pink Slim Dress: expired Lomography 100 35mm color negative

I got a couple of free rolls of this film when I bought my Lomo LC-A+, I used one of them right away but sort of forgot about the other one. Probably because I prefer 400 speed film; if I use 100 it’s usually because I want to specifically shoot Kodak Ektar, which doesn’t come in higher speeds (fine grain is one their touted characteristics). A few weeks ago I kind of shrugged and decided to use it. The color is more off than I would have thought for film that’s only about a year past the sell-by date, but that’s not a complaint. I like it.

688893-R1-28-9, originally uploaded by pinstripe_bindi.

688893-R1-19-18, originally uploaded by pinstripe_bindi.

688893-R1-04-33, originally uploaded by pinstripe_bindi.

688893-R1-06-31, originally uploaded by pinstripe_bindi.

688893-R1-08-29, originally uploaded by pinstripe_bindi.

688893-R1-10-27, originally uploaded by pinstripe_bindi.

688893-R1-16-21, originally uploaded by pinstripe_bindi.

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blue polaroid type 100, shot in the holgaroid

A few months ago I bought a “triple dip” of type 100 expired Polaroid film from The Impossible Project: 1 pack each of sepia, chocolate, and blue. I shot the sepia a few weeks ago and got some great photos, but this is the color I was really looking forward to using.

This is just a view of the shop’s roof, so nothing real exciting, I was mostly just testing development time and wanting to see how blue it came out. (Answer: pretty damn blue!) The development is more or less the same as for the regular Fuji color type 100; this was developed for about a minute and a half — I went back indoors before I pulled it out of the camera because it was pretty cold outside.

This film is only ISO 80, and as I found out later that night it does NOT work indoors, even with a flash. (The flash on the Holga is kind of weak, anyway.) So pretty much this is a bright sunshiney day film.

We’re going to New Orleans on Thursday, and I would LOVE to bring this along — I still have 7 exposures left — but the Holgaroid is not really practical for walking around in a city. You have to stop and time the development, and the photos create a lot of trash. Maybe I’ll bring it in case there’s something really cool right near the car I can shoot, then leave it in there.

I bought another triple dip about a month ago when it was on sale, and since no one bought me any for Christmas I think I’ll buy another. I mean, once the existing stock is gone, that’s probably going to be it. I don’t think TIP plans to re-create Polaroid’s pack film, since there isn’t as much of a need or desire for it as integral film.