“dress up” embroidery pattern from sublime stitching

I’m only making one of my Christmas gifts this year, my grandmother’s. There isn’t a whole hell of a lot a 91-year-old woman wants or needs, but she’s always happy to get something I made. And since she started my obsession with needlecrafts about a quarter century ago, by teaching me the basics of cross stitch one afternoon, it always feels fitting to give my work to her.

These are “cocktail napkins”, 10″ squares of hemstiched light blue cotton. She can use them as napkins; or to put perfume bottles and the like on top of; or even as handkerchiefs, although the fabric may be a little rough for that. It’s okay with me if she does though, I’m not one of those prissy control freak stitchers who thinks everything should be kept immaculate forever and never used. The cross stitched apron I made for myself last spring is already pretty stained, because cooking is Serious Business in my family.

Instead of the usual birds/flowers/butterflies-type design, I thought why not something a little different. This is the “Dress Up” transfer set from Sublime Stitching. (The napkins also came from there.)

This is how they were shipped to me, and I thought it was a pretty presentation for a present. So I kept the piece of cardboard and the white ribbon; and as soon as they were stitched, washed, and ironed I did them back up in a stack and tied the ribbon around them.