Diana F+: Louisiana Renaissance Festival

This was the November meetup, although we had it on December 1st, because the last weekend in November was Thanksgiving weekend. I figured people probably had plans with their families. I also shot some Velvia in the Lomo LC-A+ that I’m probably going to get cross-processed, and a roll in the wide angle Pink Slim Dress. But I only shot about half of those rolls so I have to finish them.

1222NEG0012, originally uploaded by pinstripe_bindi.

1222NEG0006, originally uploaded by pinstripe_bindi.

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3rd time’s the charm

My third Lomographers of Acadiana meetup was groovy. Hope, the girl who joined immediately after I formed the group, came and she brought her girlfriend. She shoots a Diana F+ and she has all the different lenses; she can use them on her digital, too. Another girl joined a couple weeks ago, but she lives in Denham Springs and I don’t know how many meetups she’ll make. I hope some of them, because she’s a Polaroid enthusiast like me.

I picked a location in Iberville Parish, which wasn’t as far as Hope to drive, she lives in Baton Rouge. I don’t even know how I heard about Bayou Goula, I think I was trying to find out if there any ghost towns in Louisiana. It was mentioned as such on a couple old Geoshitties-esque websites, but really it’s just a couple of old foundations in an otherwise lively community. It’s really small and rural, of course.

We went to an old cemetery and the world’s smallest church (although there are like 20 churches in the world vying for that title). It was built in 1903 and looks like a tool shed with a steeple. It’s 8′ x 8′ and basically you walk in and boom, there’s the altar. There’s no pews. They only hold mass there one day a year; the rest of the time they leave the key in the mailbox for anyone who wants to use it, which I find charmingly trusting.

I don’t have any photos yet (except the Holgaroids I shot), because I stupidly took the film to Rite Aid, only to find out once I’d dropped it off that they don’t develop in house and I have to wait at least a week. Hmrph. But yesterday was so beautiful, and watching Hope use her Diana F+ made me realize I hadn’t used mine in months, so I slapped the 35mm back on mine and shot a roll around Henry and Bancker, and a few in Magdalene Square.

acadiana, diana f+, 35mm, cross processed slide film

This is the roll that the so-called “pro lab” sent back not even developed. My solution was to run it down to Walgreen’s. Of course they had no idea what cross processing was, but I was like “Just pretend it’s a normal color negative roll and don’t freak out when the colors come out all weird because that’s what I want”. And they were like “Whatever, it’s your film and money”. Actually this doesn’t look as wonky as the other 35mm slide film I cross processed, but that one was shot in the Golden Half so maybe that made a difference.

The problem with having a dozen cameras is that it takes a long time to finish a roll in any of them. I have rolls in the Golden Half, SuperSampler, Blackbird Fly, Brownie Hawkeye, AND the Pink Dress; I’m stuck about 2/3 of the way through on all of them.

Plus I’ve been a little busy this week; since I am now able to send out my resumé in a form that potential employers would actually want to read, I’ve been scouring the job sites a lot more thoroughly. I’ve gotten a few polite replies, which is a courtesy most employers in California aren’t even bothering with any more. Eh, nothing for it but to keep plugging away. I’m not desperate, the living situation is still pretty harmonious. Especially since Mom hurt her back this week and has been passed out on Valium and Darvocet. I’ve been going to the grocery store every afternoon — and the one I like is a few towns away — and cooking supper. That’s not a complaint, I LIKE cooking. Plus when I cook, it’s always something I want to eat!

happy worldwide pinhole photography day!

Today was the 2010 Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day. I went to one of my favorite abandoned spots in downtown Abbeville — this is an old town and there’s more than one or two — with the instant back strapped to my Diana F+ and a fresh pack of Fuji Mini Instax film.

I’ve never been very good at pinhole photography. Unless you bracket and use light meters and blah blah blah professional cakes, you basically have like a one in a million shot at getting the exposure just right. And cropping is always a matter of guesswork with the instant back, because it shoots rectangular photos with a medium format camera, which normally takes a square photo.

So once a year, on WWPPD, I like to combine both of these iffy formats for the sheer anarchistic hell of it, and see what results. This year I got 5 (out of a pack of 10 exposures) photos worth keeping, with 3 pretty good ones. That’s an improvement over last year, when I wound up with 2 “meh” shots and 8 bleached-out ones.

If nothing else, I learned a valuable lesson today: the lens of my Diana REALLY needs to be cleaned.

erath & avery island, louisiana. diana f+.

The computer’s been at the repair place since Monday, to get more memory installed and to have the hard drive reformatted, because it was being balky and slow — like, it wouldn’t even show animated LJ userpics. Happily, it’s much smoother now, and we got it back the same day I received some film from Dwayne’s. The redscale roll from the Golden Half is mindblowing; but that’s a lot to sort through, so for now here is some from the roll from the Diana F+.

BTW, it’s amusing to hear someone with a thick Cajun accent talk tech. Also, the guy that worked on the computer was devastatingly handsome — tall, wavy black hair and grey-blue eyes — putting paid to my theory that all Cajun men look like upright frogs: short, potbellied, bandy-legged, and weak-chinned. Mom said she thought he looked extremely French. Whatever, he was a citizen of Hotsylvania.

scenes from a road trip, diana f+

Horse hood ornament, Marana AZ

Windmills, CA/AZ border

photos of various family members stuffing their faces

Mom was like “What a lovely photo of your mother dishing up some fat” when I took this. I wish that distracting 409 bottle wasn’t in the photo, but when you take candids, sometimes that happens. (p.s. East of the Rockies, Best Foods mayo becomes Hellmann’s. But it’s the same brand.)

If I had a dime for every photo I’ve taken of people eating crawfish, I wouldn’t have to worry about finding a job.

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