2010-2011 teevee season

Basically the only thing I am really excited about is HBO’s Boardwalk Empire. They had me at Tracy Middendorf spraying a crowd with a bottle of bubbly just as the Volstead Act took effect:

See, Prohibition was supposed to keep blue collar men from drinking up their entire paychecks and forcing their sons to go kill wharf rats in the snow to keep the family from starving. Instead, those men kept right on drinking, only now their mint juleps, sidecars, Harvey Wallbangers, and other old-timey cocktails cost about 10 times more. IT’S AN ALLEGORY FOR THE WAR ON DRUGS OKAY

Also, I have always been weirdly attracted to Steve Buscemi and am happy to see him play kind of a badass… even if his sex scenes are mostly played for laughs.

Hawaii 5-0: Yeah, this was as dumb as I thought it would be. I mean, I’m glad Daniel Dae Kim is getting work, and I may have emitted a tiny “woot” when Alex O’Loughlin said “Book ‘im, Danno”, but it’s… really not my cup of tea.

The Event: This is trying really hard to be the next Lost, except for where they got a little 24 on their shirt. I don’t know, it’s impossible to judge a show by its pilot, but I wasn’t terribly impressed. I’m kind of “meh” on the cast, except for Zeljko Ivanek and Tony Todd, and they look to be more supporting than main cast.

The season premiere of Fringe was amazing, the season premiere of Criminal Minds* was lousy, and in January we’ll have 10 new eps of Southland. Thank you, TNT! Oh, and I’m off of CSI: for good, because that last story arc was seriously retardo. “I kill people in ludicrously baroque ways because daddy wouldn’t let me be a doctor; luckily this other serial killer was able to deduce my identity because of a plate of weird pasta I served to him 20 years ago.” Umm, what??

*I am more obsessed than ever with Matthew Gray Gubler though, especially his website Gublerland. His photography is positively Lynchian:


cowboy curtis becomes a CSI

Smothered by a talking easy chair!

Cause of death: Smothered by a talking easy chair!

This should be interesting: Laurence Fishburne to replace William Petersen in 9th season of CSI:. I always said I wouldn’t care to keep watching if Petersen left; but who am I kidding? Habit kept me watching ER long after every single original cast member had left; and CSI: has been pretty damn good the last couple of seasons–much better than the dreckfest ER had long since become by the time I finally gave it up.

In fact, I would argue that the Miniature Killer, the story arc that stretched over the entire 7th season, was the best the show ever had. I even liked the theme that was composed soley for those episodes, music that was never heard in any other episodes of the show. And as much as I hated the idea of GSR (Gil + Sara) in theory, in execution they kept it low-key and mostly out of the viewer’s faces. And then Jorja Fox left the show a season later anyway, ha ha.

Anyway, I have to watch if only to find out how Grissom deals with Warrick’s death–I’m assuming he did die in the finale, because that head shot looked pretty bloody and final. (Plus, Gary Dourdan was arrested with like an entire pharmacy in his car, so.) Warrick was supposed to be Grissom’s favorite and his heir apparent (in spite of being kind of a fuck-up), so I’m expecting lots of ANGST!, albeit subtle Grissom-angst.

When I leave, there won’t be any cake in the breakroom. I’ll just be gone.