some recent needlework finishes

Normally I really don’t like polo shirts. But I had to get one for casual Fridays at work. Then I passed my probationary period and was given a company polo shirt, making this one extraneous. So logically, I turned it into a sushi shirt. Yup.

The back. This was the “sushi bar” pattern set from Sublime Stitching.

This was a holiday table runner and bread cloth which sadly did not get finished until halfway through January. Oh well. It was a stamped cross stitch design from Bucilla.

I bought a set of 6 cocktail napkins from Sublime Stitching. This is 3 of them…

…and this is the other 3. All these came from the “Chinatown” set from Sublime Stitching, except for the one in the middle which is from the “Chinese acrobats” set.

I have just begun my next project, which is embroidering the “meaty treats” set from Sublime Stitching onto a large flour sack kitchen towel.


embroidered snowflakes pillowcases

I’m currently working on a big, bona fide cross stitch (on evenweave!), which I feel like I haven’t done in forever. But I took a break to make these embroidered pillowcases. I was thinking I might give them to someone, but I got my blues mixed up and there are some minor errors. Nothing to take my away my license to embroider over, but I wouldn’t feel right giving them to someone. Plus, it’s been like 3 years since I made pillowcases for myself.