Sabine Pass Light (wide angle, B&W)

Sabine Pass Lighthouse

Sabine Pass Lighthouse

Sabine Pass Lighthouse

B&W with wide angle lens: Natchitoches and Plaquemines Parishes

This is actually in NOLA, one of the cemeteries in Central City:

St. Joseph cemetery

Slave cabins of Magnolia Plantation near Natchitoches:

Magnolia Plantation

Magnolia Plantation

Grave house at Bay Springs Cemetery in Natchitoches Parish:

Bay Springs Cemetery

Unknown graves at a cemetery in Venice, LA:

Unknown graves

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B&W with wide angle: Plaquemines Parish, LA

The end of LA-23 past the town of Venice:

Dead cypress trees

Plaquemines Parish courthouse in Point a la Hache. This burned down in the 1990s and they’re finally re-building it.

Plaquemines parish courthouse

The clock tower of the courthouse:

Plaquemines Parish courthouse

Harlem Plantation:

Harlem Plantation

From the other side:

Harlem Plantation

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Black & white, various locations

Train depot at Lettsworth:

Lettsworth train depot

Flooded cemetery in Grand Isle:

Flooded cemetery

East Louisiana State Hospital in Jackson:

East Louisiana State Hospital

Same location:

East Louisiana State Hospital

Abandoned church near Jackson:

Abandoned church



Also Lettsworth (there are a lot of abandoned buildings there):


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Galveston, Texas: B&W in Ultra Wide & Slim

Old City Cemetery

Bolivar Peninsula

Sacred Heart

Bolivar Point Lighthouse

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Fuji Neopan in the Yashica MG-1: Marksville, LA

Apparently that’s where I shot that mystery roll of black & white.




Fort de Russy Cemetery


Fort de Russy Cemetery

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first roll from the holga

Umm, apparently this was a roll of black & white? I KNEW THAT!

It’s harder to tell with B&W, but the light leakage appears to be manageable. Other than taping the clips that hold the back on, I really didn’t tape the camera when I shot this roll.

pho noodles BW

I think this one is actually suited to black & white.