Fuji Neopan (3 of 3)

At the pow wow:

Monacan Nation pow wow

Monacan Nation pow wow

This Indian Mission schoolhouse (where my grandfather went to school) and Episcopal Church on Bear Mountain:

Indian Mission Schoolhouse

Indian Mission Schoolhouse & Episcopal Church

Fuji Neopan (2 of 3)

Old City Cemetery in Lynchburg, VA:

Old City Cemetery

Confederate section

Appomattox Court House, VA:

Appomattox Court House

South River Friends Meetinghouse* Cemetery in Lynchburg, VA:

South River Meeting House

South River Meeting House

*Lynchburg was founded by John Lynch, a Quaker.

Fuji Neopan (1 of 3)

I shot a lot of black and white towards the end of my “shooting season”–I don’t like to shoot during summer, I’m not a native southerner and I simply can’t withstand the heat and humidity. I had 3 rolls of Neopan (all shot in the Wide & Slim) that I sent to Dwayne’s  at once; I’m ready to move on from Neopan but the rolls I have are all expired and I want to finish them first. I have Tri-X, Ilford, and Lomography Earl Gray in the fridge and I’m eager to make some comparisons.

Harlem Plantation in Plaquemines Parish:

Harlem Plantation

Harlem Plantation

Harlem Plantation

Holy Rosary Cemetery in St. Charles Parish (look for the chemical plants in the background):

Holy Rosary Cemetery

Holy Rosary Cemetery

A fragment of the de la Ronde Ruins in St. Bernard Parish:

de la Ronde Ruins

A cane field… somewhere. I think it was Iberville Parish:

Cane field

In other photography news, I’ll have a new camera whenever I’m ready to go back out. A pen friend of mine said he wanted to send me his wife’s old camera and I said sure, I’ll give it a good home. It turned out to be a Minox 35, arguably the smallest full-frame 35mm camera ever made. It’s an EL, the very first model; production started on that model the year before I was born. I just have to find a replacement battery for it, it takes a 5.6v and those fractional volts can be hard to find.

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Fuji Neopan (expired) in Wide & Slim

This has been one of my favorite film/camera combos for a while now. I only have a few rolls of Neopan left, but I feel like I’ve progressed through all the stages of grief and I’m ready to start trying other options. (Don’t talk to me about pack film yet, though. Too soon.)

Dugas Cemetery

Abandoned house

Talbert-Pierson Cemetery

Fort Macomb

Luling Mansion

In other news, I’ve gone back to my old idea of trying to find a ghost town in southern Louisiana. I did dome research on it about 4 years ago but gave up because websites were always mentioning “ghost towns” that no longer existed. They would turn out to have been washed away by the river when it changed course, or totally demolished to build a section of highway, or wiped off the earth by hurricanes. One website claims Bayou Goula is a ghost town, to which all I can say is that those are some pretty lively ghosts.

Morrisonville in Iberville Parish seemed like a good bet, it was small community on the River Road that had to be abandoned in the mid-90s when Dow Chemical spilled vinyl chloride. There’s nothing left but the cemetery but I thought it might make some interesting photos anyway, with all the pipes and industrial crap in the background. However, the Dow facility has grown around the site of the town in the intervening years, and the cemetery is now on private property. It’s theoretically accessible by the public, and a security guard gave me a phone number to call, but no one ever answered. So that was a big, fat goose egg.

Back to the drawing board. If you know of anything, please leave a comment.

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I honestly have no idea what happened here

This is a roll of black and white that I shot in my Blackbird Fly and the whole thing came out so terrible that Dwayne’s Photo put in that little slip of paper that basically says “this film is fucked, we did the best we could”. The film was expired Fuji Neopan, but it’s been in the fridge since the day I bought it and it shouldn’t be THAT bad. I also, for some reason, took almost a year to finish the roll, so maybe having the film sit for months wasn’t a great idea. Some of the photos are from Jennings, which I shot during the first semi-decent weekend we had last fall, and I finished the roll at Talbert-Pierson Cemetery a couple of weeks ago.

Or maybe the camera just doesn’t play nice with black and white. Who knows? Also a lot of them are out of focus for some reason AND there appears to scratching of the negatives. So why am I bothering to blog about a terrible roll of film? Eh I dunno, I kind of think some of the photos have an interesting, aged quality to the them. You be the judge:

Maison de Reprise

Bayou le Batre

Jennings, LA

Talbert-Pierson Cemetery

Our Lady of Tickfaw

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Edgard, LA: Slightly expired Fuji Neopan in the Yashica MG-1

More adventures along the River Road with my Yashica. I really like shooting black and white in this camera. Although the roll I’m currently working my way through is in the Ultra Wide & Slim; I’ve never shot Neopan in that before so I’m curious to see the results. Hopefully we have decent weather this weekend (Sunday looks better than Saturday so far) and I can finish it up. I’m also waiting for this book to arrive from Amazon (should be today), which hopefully will give me some more ideas. I picked up the Mississippi edition last weekend and have already marked several pages!

Slave cabins

Caire's Landing

Old grocery store

Caire's Landing

Slave cabins

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Laurel Valley Village, Thibodaux, LA: slightly expired Fuji Neopan in the Yashica MG-1

I’ve been here before a couple of years ago; I always wanted to go back and shoot some black and white, so I had one of the meetups there a couple of months ago.



Old tractor

Burned cabin


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Baton Rouge Capitol Building: Fuji Neopan in the Yashica MG-1

This was shot during the August meetup, but I procrastinated on getting the film developed.



I think we have one of the prettiest state capitol buildings, but I really like Art Deco architecture. It’s the tallest, too.




Huey Long’s memorial. He was assassinated inside the building and the bullet holes are still in the wall. Louisianans revere his memory, which I find hilarious because they’d never vote for him today. From his Wikipedia page:

Long is best known for his Share Our Wealth program, created in 1934 under the motto “Every Man a King.” It proposed new wealth redistribution measures in the form of a net asset tax on corporations and individuals to curb the poverty and homelessness endemic nationwide during the Great Depression. To stimulate the economy, Long advocated federal spending on public works, schools and colleges, and old age pensions.

He was also a corrupt son of a bitch, but because of him Louisiana was actually a lot better off during the Great Depression than many other parts of the country–hell, probably better off than we are now.

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