Lomography Orca in the Rollei A110

This is the 3rd or 4th roll I’ve shot in my Rollei, but I never got the earlier ones transferred onto a photo CD. I thought Dwayne’s Photo only offered developing/printing for 110 film, I could never find a spot for a CD on any of their price sheets. Either it was there all along and I just kept missing it, or they legit didn’t offer it until recently, no idea. Anyway, these were all shot at various times during 2014–I had this film sitting around for a long time and finally sent it in a couple weeks ago.

Pointe a la Hache cemetery

Old boat cabin

Old house in Mouton Cove

Natchez City Cemetery

Madonna Chapel

Windsor Ruins

I really like the grain on this film. I’ve shot Lomography’s color 110 but wasn’t as impressed by it.

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Metairie Cemetery, NOLA : slightly expired Fuji Neopan in the Yashica MG-1

This weekend was rainy and thus no good for photography; I spent a good chunk of it uploading photos that were taken over a period stretching back to last September. These were taken a few days after last Christmas, when I took my sister to New Orleans. If you’re ever in the city and only have time to visit one cemetery, I recommend Metairie (which yes, is actually in NOLA and not Metairie). St. Louis No. 1 is more famous, but for sheer volume of weirdness, you can’t beat Metairie–it’s one of those enormous cemeteries that you can drive around in. And you don’t have to pay to get in there, unlike St. Louis.

Egyptian tomb


Angel in the trees

Grieving woman with wreath

Tomb of shipwreck victims

Tomb of Josie Arlington

I always found black and white film to be particularly well-suited for graveyard photography. The grain really goes with photographs of carved stone, and the subjects don’t have a lot of color anyway.

Neopan was my go-to 35mm B&W for years, and when Fuji announced they were discontinuing it, I panicked and bought a few dozen rolls. Which I then felt like I didn’t want to use, but of course film doesn’t have an infinite shelf life and now it’s all expired, although it’s been in the fridge since the day I bought it. Anyway, I need to just let it go and actually use it before it gets too much older.

When I went to that camera shop in Lynchburg last November, I was delighted to find that they carried Ilford, the film (and paper) that I cut my teeth on back in high school. I bought a few rolls, since I knew I’d need to find a new black and white film soon. I need to shoot a roll of that and see if it’s as good as I remember it.

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