2 for 1 movie trailer post!

If you are one of the legion of women who lust for John Cusack, and you’re old enough to remember the 1980s, one of the reasons oft-cited for said lust is probably the pair of Savage Steve Holland-directed movies from that decade which he starred in: Better Off Dead and One Crazy Summer. So it might sadden you to know that the reason interviewers never bring them up, in spite of their cult status, is that they’re warned beforehand by Cusack’s handlers that he will refuse to answer any questions about them. Apparently, he’s rather ashamed of the movies, and considers them to have been, in retrospect, beneath someone of his obvious vast talents.

However, he’s apparently not above making a movie called Hot Tub Time Machine. It’s about a hot tub that’s also a time machine.

Have you ever seen M. Night Shyamalamadingdong’s movie The Happening? It’s about trees killing people by releasing wind-propelled toxins because they’re pissed off about global warming and all those diposable diapers in landfills. It’s hilariously awful, I recommend it. Anyway, it’s apparently spawned a slew of movies that rip off the concept; but with even worse writing, acting, and directing (not to mention lower budgets). And I think we’ve discovered the nadir of the genre: Birdemic.

This is definitely going to be on Syfy channel at 6:00 in the morning sometime soon. I’ll wake up to pee or get a drink of water, having fallen asleep with the TV tuned to the channel, and be greeted with the bizarre sight of terrible CGI eagles suicide-bombing a sleepy town.

Googling the interwebs turned up this scene-by-scene recap, which reveals the amazing fact that this movie was shown at Sundance. Keep those standards high, Redford!

I foresee a double feature of The Happening and Birdemic in my near future. (You can buy it from Amazon!) Well, it will really be a triple feature, if you count the copious amounts of alcohol I will probably consume.