cross stitching & sadistic beaucracies

Half of Granny’s project is done! This is part of a trio; I made her the blue cat for her birthday last summer, and there’s a purple cat left to do. It’s a little kitschy for my tastes, but she’ll love it. She’s a 90-year-old southern woman, c’mon.

There was a lot of backstitching that I didn’t do because it really didn’t make sense to me. The backstitching that I did is necessary, because it defines the face and the curly chest and suggests feet and haunches, so it’s not just some vaguely cat-shaped amorphous blob. But this one had like, a grid pattern zooming all over, and it just looked weird. Usually when I see something on a pattern that makes no sense, I can look at the photo of the finished design and go “Okay, I see what they did there”. But it didn’t make sense even on the photo, so after some deliberation I decided not to stitch it.

In other crafting news, I got a note on flickr this morning from Nelly Pailloux, who wrote the book that all my recent felties came from. She wants to post my photos in the gallery on her blog, La Fée Crochette. I told her of course she could, although since these are the first felties I ever made, like any hyper-self-critical crafter I see a bunch of glaring errors when I look at them. In retrospect, I pulled the thread too tight on a lot of them, resulting in puckered edges, so when I make a second round, I would correct that. But it was still very pleasant to get her note.

Weekend was pretty good, mostly because I got my first unemployment check. That was a relief; part of the reason I was so stressed out last week was because I wasn’t sure if I was really getting unemployment or not. See, they sent me this letter like a week after I applied that said in huge caps at the top of the page “NOTICE OF UNEMPLOYMENT AWARD”, and had the total amount and the amount I would get each week. There was also a claim form to send in so I could start receiving funds. Sounds pretty unambiguous, right?

Well, apparently the state likes to fuck with people’s blood pressure, because I got a call last Monday from the EDD that notified me that I hadn’t REALLY been awarded unemployment, that the notification was just to tell me what I would get if I was. Umm, then maybe you ought to word it differently? Something like “If you are awarded unemployment, this is what you will get”. Why would you send out something that tells people they’ve been awarded X amount, then basically go “Psych!”? What is the matter with them?

Anyway, I got a check on Saturday, and going from the check stub, it’s been deducted from the total amount, so I’m cautiously optimistic that this means my claim was approved. Sucks though, because I had to pay December’s rent out of what I had saved, which really whittled down my nest egg. Assholes.