portfolio: round 2

(Sorry about the lo-fi cell phone photo, but I’m assuming you’ve seen these actual photos before anyway.)

I ordered the second round of my portfolio prints from Adoramapix.com on Thursday and got them yesterday, which was super fast. They did a fantastic job again.

The 2 on the end are both 11×14 prints on Kodak Lustre. The angel with the church in the background was taken in the cemetery of St. John the Evangelist in Lafayette, LA. It was taken during a Christmas vacation a couple of years before I moved to Louisiana, and is one of my rare digital shots. The other one is my Alligator Festival shot, I’ve discussed that one before. It was taken with my Lomo LC-A+. I recently submitted that to Louisiana Life magazine, but I haven’t heard anything yet.

The middle one is an 8×10 on Kodak metallic paper, the light sparkles look amazing on that paper. It was shot in Morgan City, on the Atchafalaya River dock facing Berwick, late winter, late afternoon. I used a Holga 35 BC. I decided not to go with the larger size because it’s not entirely in focus–it’s a plastic-lensed camera and I was shooting directly into the setting sun. It suits the subject to have softer edges, but I thought blown up really large it would become distracting.

lomographers of acadiana: alligator festival

I was initially planning on having this meetup indoors somewhere, as it’s still pretty hot. But I saw this on my list of Louisiana festivals and decided I couldn’t miss it. Luling is in St. Charles parish and not too far a drive from New Orleans, so it’s a fairly big one.

If you’ve never had alligator meat and have a chance to try it, I recommend it. I’ve been eating it for years. It doesn’t taste like chicken, but rather more like a “meaty” fish like swordfish or tuna.

These photos were all shot in my Lomo LC-A+. One was a roll of Kodak Gold and one was a roll of slide film that I decided to have cross-processed. Most of the photos are of the cheesy carnival part of the fair, because that was the funnest part to photograph. But there were also craft booths and lots of food booths.


670068-R1-05-3, originally uploaded by pinstripe_bindi.


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