michele bachmann better update her resumé. thank god for wingnut welfare!

michele bachmann cuhrazy

Would you hire this woman?

So, by now you’ve probably heard some of Rep. Michele Bachmann’s spittle-flecked ranting about the upcoming US census. She thinks ACORN is going to use the information to put conservatives in internment camps. No, really. Michele, when even Glenn “FEMA internment camps” Beck subtly backs away from you, you may have gone a skosh over the line.

But the best part of the whole paranoid fever dream? If enough people follow Bachmann’s advice and lie to Census workers, Minnesota will have an inaccurate population count, and that could lead to redistricting. The district most likely to be absorbed into another district? The 6th, which is represented in the House by (drumroll, please)… Michele Bachmann.

This is probably the first, last, and only time I ever say this, but: EVERYONE DO WHAT THE CRAZY LADY SAYS!

In other Minnesota news: Filibuster-proof majority! Suck on that, Rethugs!!

ETA: Having been pondering since I wrote this (and having been paying attention to the awesome job Senator Franken has been doing in Minnesota) how this fucknuts crazy lunatic manages to keep getting herself re-elected, I looked up a map of Minnesota’s districts:


Gerrymandering: Ur doin it.


norm coleman: the sorest sore loser who ever lost sorely

nelson-muntz2So after weeks of Norm Coleman throwing a tantrum and refusing to accept the inevitable, they’re finally recounting some “disputed” ballots in Minnesota… and Al Franken’s lead has gotten even wider as a result. Norm must not have realized they were going to be counting all the votes, not just the ones in his favor.

And now even conservative jerkbags like Ramesh Ponneru are like “Dude… stop, you’re just embarassing yourself”. I dunno Ramesh, I don’t think Coleman embarasses that easily. Have you seen his high school yearbook photo?

the lizard people party have a simple platform of rodent-eating and world domination

lizardpeoplebMinnesota Public Radio has an interesting feature on their website: Some examples of challenged ballots in the tight Minnesota Senate race, with descriptions of who’s challenging them and why. You can even vote on who you think the vote should go to.