LA-82, Vermilion & Cameron Parish, Louisiana

I really enjoy the drive on LA-82, which runs from my hometown of Abbeville for almost 150 miles to the Texas border (where it becomes TX-82). It’s very rural once you leave Abbeville, the largest town it runs through after that is Cameron, which has a population of about 2,000. I see something new every time I drive it.

These are just some digital shots from last weekend, I shot some film but didn’t finish the rolls so they’re still in the cameras.

Fishing cabin near Grand Chenier

This old cabin outside of Grand Chenier is famous. Seriously, everyone who drives on LA-82 stops to take a photo of it. A couple of months ago someone made an Etsy treasury inspired by True Detective, they used one of my photos of another subject, but they also used a photo of this cabin taken by someone else.

Our Lady Star of the Sea Cemetery, Cameron

It’s funny because it’s a dead end sign in front of a cemetery. Eh? Eh? This is the cemetery of Our Lady Star of the Sea Catholic Church in Cameron. (Incidentally one of the ocean goddesses I keep on my altar and a very important one to people who reside in hurricane-prone areas.)

Creole, LA

Of course one of the main attractions for me in Cameron Parish is, unfortunately, hurricane damage. (That overturned schoolbus I photographed several times was along LA-82 in the parish, but that seems to have finally been hauled away, I didn’t see it during the Sabine Pass trips.) This was the outskirts of Creole.

Old house between Abbeville and Mouton Cove

This is between Perry and Mouton Cove, not far from Abbeville. Last year when I passed by you could barely see the house for all the stuff growing around it, but someone seems to have decided to cut it back. Which is probably why I just this time was confused by the fact that there’s a fireplace on the OUTSIDE of the house.

Holly Beach

This was on the outskirts of Holly Beach, “the Cajun Riviera”. You couldn’t pay me to vacation there, it’s basically an acre of trailers and shacks crammed together on the beach. It looks like a Central American barrio. Apparently it was even worse before the hurricanes, which wiped the place off the map.

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Lomo LC-A+: Louisiana State Milling Co. building in Abbeville

Last time I used this camera, the Walgreen’s in town got the negatives all scratched up and blamed it on the camera–said there must be a hair stuck between the lens and shutter. I was pretty sure that was bullshit, but I wanted to be sure so I ran a roll through it last Saturday.

No scratches/hairs/whatever (cementing my resolve to use the Walgreen’s in Lafayette from now on), but about half of the photos were really underexposed. I panicked for about a second–this is both one of my most expensive and most often used 35mm cameras–then realized it was probably the batteries. They’re over 2 years old and like I said, I use this camera fairly frequently. Sure enough, the indicator light was flickering. I put in some new batteries and now the light is steady. I’m going to shoot another roll just to be 100% sure, and barring any further problems, this is the camera I’m going to take to SoCal.

We had a lot of rain last weekend, so I decided to stay in town. If it started raining while I was shooting, I could always go home and wait it out, or run errands. A lot of what I like to shoot in south Louisiana–old and/or abandoned buildings, tiny cemeteries, beautiful churches–are right here in Abbeville, but I tend to ignore them in favor of something I need to drive 2 hours to photograph!

Louisiana State Milling Co. building

Railroad Avenue

Louisiana State Milling Co. building

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another roll from the LC-A+, mostly just stuff from around the house

These look a little bit more “Lomo-ish”. I think proximity and lighting has a lot to do with it.

Phil flippin’ burgers on Memorial Day.

This is out of focus, I was probably closer than the 3 foot range. But I like it anyway. I always imagine that elves or something come out when no one’s looking. It’s in the base of the chimney, I guess to make it easier to clean.

Fish mobile thingies made of driftwood and cypress scraps.

I like all the texture and shades of green in this.

I didn’t even realize when I was taking this photo how vaginal it is. SUP GEORGIA O’KEEFE

Diana F+ in Louisiana

Yesterday I got back the 120 film I shot with my Diana F+ in Louisiana over Christmas. (Yes, I’m totally lazy about mail order development.) A lot of them were underexposed, but with very minimal editing on flickr (hitting the “auto-fix” button, pretty much), I’m quite pleased with what I got. (Although I think more than ever that getting the flash was a wise investment.) Most of them have great vignetting, too.

It was sunny both days I shot these, so I’m not sure what caused the underexposure. I think maybe the film was the wrong speed; I took a grab bag of 120 with me and kind of just stuffed it into the camera without paying attention. Umm, whoops!


scenic downtown abbeville

I don’t want to be like one of those tedious fucks that has a dinner party just to make everyone look at the 197 reels of slides fron her trip to SeaWorld. I’ll just post a representive few here, and you can go view the rest yourself if you’re inclined.


This is my favorite SuperSampler shot so far, although I have another roll still in the camera that I can’t develop until it’s used up.


let the photo entries begin!

Okay, let’s get the boring ones out of the way first. These are just some photos I took around the house and town.

BTW, although you won’t see any photos of my family members here, it’s not that I didn’t take any. It’s just that I took them all with the Instax, which takes excellent candids. I got some great ones, but since the only scanner I have access to isn’t color, I’ve no real good way to share them.