centerville pioneer cemetery, diana f+, medium format film

I got the roll I shot at the cemetery back from the developer last night. Seems like every time I use Dale Labs, they’re just a little bit quicker. I gotta look into Swan Photo though, because they’re actually in-state. But if their prices are way high, forget it.

centerville pioneer cemetery diana 120

our frank diana 120

lms diana 120



downtown fremont, ca with the diana f+

I shot this roll a couple weeks ago, when I went up and down Fremont Blvd. with all my cameras. I just got it back from Dale Labs yesterday.

My family used to eat here all the time when I was a kid (it’s where I learned to use chopsticks), but then the management changed and the food wasn’t as good. I haven’t eaten there in probably 25 years, but it’s been in the same location for as long as I can remember.

yuk wah side diana


Diana F+ in Louisiana

Yesterday I got back the 120 film I shot with my Diana F+ in Louisiana over Christmas. (Yes, I’m totally lazy about mail order development.) A lot of them were underexposed, but with very minimal editing on flickr (hitting the “auto-fix” button, pretty much), I’m quite pleased with what I got. (Although I think more than ever that getting the flash was a wise investment.) Most of them have great vignetting, too.

It was sunny both days I shot these, so I’m not sure what caused the underexposure. I think maybe the film was the wrong speed; I took a grab bag of 120 with me and kind of just stuffed it into the camera without paying attention. Umm, whoops!


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