Latest roll in the Diana F+

I didn’t use this camera much in 2014 and lately I’ve been re-discovering my love of it. I want to start using my Holga again as well; since I got the instant back for it that’s all I’ve done with it, but it was meant for medium format film and it takes great photos with it.

Valcour Aime family tomb

Maison de Reprise

Stations of the Cross

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Diana F+: Fort Gaines, Dauphin Island, Alabama

I was there about a week before Hope and I went to Fort Pike, so I couldn’t help but compare them. Gaines is in much better condition than Pike, which is not surprising, because Louisiana really doesn’t have their shit together when it comes to parks and historic sites.

Apparently this is where Admiral David Farragut said the famous line “Damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead!”, during the Battle of Mobile Bay, in the Civil War. I thought it was odd that they would put it on all their signage and pamphlets, since Farragut was a Union admiral. But you know, we’re all the same country now, so kudos to Alabama for refusing to give in to that stupid us vs. them grudge-holding mentality that is one of my least favorite things about the south.

Fort Gaines

Fort Gaines

Fort Gaines

Fort Gaines

Fort Gaines

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roll from the Diana F+: LeBeau Plantation and Jefferson Island

I shot this roll a while ago but didn’t sent it to Dwayne’s right away; I find it more cost-effective to send at least 2 rolls at a time. So I waited until I had another roll to go with it (which I will probably post tomorrow).






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Diana F+: LA Hwy 82 west

3155NEG0008, originally uploaded by pinstripe_bindi.

3155NEG0004, originally uploaded by pinstripe_bindi.

3155NEG0003, originally uploaded by pinstripe_bindi.

3154NEG0010, originally uploaded by pinstripe_bindi.

3154NEG0003, originally uploaded by pinstripe_bindi.

3154NEG0001, originally uploaded by pinstripe_bindi.

In other abandoned news, I want to take a trip to Mississippi before it gets too warm. I’ve located a ghost town (although there are a handful of people living in trailers in the area who get tetchy if you call it that to their faces) in Jefferson County called Rodney, it’s about a 4 hours’ drive so if I get up early I should be able to squeeze it into a day trip. It was never a large town, and the population started to decline soon after the Civil War, when the Mississippi River shifted course away from the town. But there were still a few residents there until the end of the 20th century, so there are still some buildings standing–a couple of churches, government stuff. And of course there’s a cemetery.

Nearby is the Windsor Ruins, the remains–pretty much just the columns–of the largest antebellum plantation in the state. It survived the war, only to burn to the ground in 1890. I’d like to shoot that on the same trip.

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further adventures in flipped lenses

9712neg0012, originally uploaded by pinstripe_bindi.

This is my second roll with a flipped lens, and I think it works better on close subjects. You get a spot of focus surrounded by blur when you’re close up, but with distant subjects it tends to be a uniform fuzziness.

9712neg0008, originally uploaded by pinstripe_bindi.

9712neg0011, originally uploaded by pinstripe_bindi.

black & white holga, louisiana, august 2009

I’m really going to try to not take this long in developing the 120 rolls I shot over Christmas. I’m sending the 35mm from the Golden Half today, and I will send the rolls from the Diana F+ as soon as I finish the roll in the camera, which I am trying to do today.

This is at the ‘rents old house, which hasn’t been fixed or sold yet. We went there one day to dump some crab shells into the lake. Mom claims they get eaten by turtles. You definitely don’t want to put them in your trash unless the very next day is Trash Day, because WOW. That’s a powerful odor.

This was the view from their backyard. While it’s pretty, you can kind of see why they had catastrophic flooding and storm surge twice in 3 years.

August is crab season. I don’t really care for boiled crabs — while I love crab meat, I don’t find it worth the effort of breaking open those hard shells, digging out tiny shreds of meat, cutting your hands up and getting spicy boil into the cuts. I prefer getting dishes in restaurants that have the crab already extracted for you, like crabmeat au gratin or stuffed crabs. Crawfish is more my thing, because the effort is lower and the meat even tastier.

You can see Sheila lurking between Mom and Granny. She died a couple months later. Mom and Phil haven’t been without a dog since before leaving Fremont, the house felt really empty this trip. However, I think I’ll probably be with them when Mom decides it’s time for another one, which means: Puppy! Yay!! There hasn’t been a puppy in the house since Indy was a puppy more than 10 years ago. Snowshoe and Sheila were both acquired as adolescents.

first roll from the holga

Umm, apparently this was a roll of black & white? I KNEW THAT!

It’s harder to tell with B&W, but the light leakage appears to be manageable. Other than taping the clips that hold the back on, I really didn’t tape the camera when I shot this roll.

pho noodles BW

I think this one is actually suited to black & white.


centerville pioneer cemetery, diana f+, medium format film

I got the roll I shot at the cemetery back from the developer last night. Seems like every time I use Dale Labs, they’re just a little bit quicker. I gotta look into Swan Photo though, because they’re actually in-state. But if their prices are way high, forget it.

centerville pioneer cemetery diana 120

our frank diana 120

lms diana 120


downtown fremont, ca with the diana f+

I shot this roll a couple weeks ago, when I went up and down Fremont Blvd. with all my cameras. I just got it back from Dale Labs yesterday.

My family used to eat here all the time when I was a kid (it’s where I learned to use chopsticks), but then the management changed and the food wasn’t as good. I haven’t eaten there in probably 25 years, but it’s been in the same location for as long as I can remember.

yuk wah side diana


Diana F+ in Louisiana

Yesterday I got back the 120 film I shot with my Diana F+ in Louisiana over Christmas. (Yes, I’m totally lazy about mail order development.) A lot of them were underexposed, but with very minimal editing on flickr (hitting the “auto-fix” button, pretty much), I’m quite pleased with what I got. (Although I think more than ever that getting the flash was a wise investment.) Most of them have great vignetting, too.

It was sunny both days I shot these, so I’m not sure what caused the underexposure. I think maybe the film was the wrong speed; I took a grab bag of 120 with me and kind of just stuffed it into the camera without paying attention. Umm, whoops!